Nashville, TN – THIEL Audio Products LLC, the premier Entertainment Technology Company in Nashville, TN, announced today that they will be unveiling their entry into the Wireless Streaming products category under their AURORA  line at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. The introduction marks the expansion of the THIEL product line and an exciting opportunity for dealers.

The models are appropriately named AURORA Home and the battery powered AURORA LifeStream Tour. Both products feature a connectivity suite leveraging DTS Play-Fi®, Apple Airplay®, and Bluetooth technologies, enabling users to connect seamlessly from their devices to as many as 16 speakers at one time. The product suite will also be compatible with Amazon Alexa® upon the release of the DTS Play-Fi software update.

The AURORA line benefits from THIEL Audio’s insight on sound while incorporating a customizable product unique to high performance wireless audio streaming. Each model comes in either black or white and features interchangeable trim kits which allow the consumer to customize their product to fit perfectly with their style and personality.

In addition to prefabricated trim kits, THIEL will be offering downloadable 3D files on their website for consumers to use with 3D printers to create a design that is uniquely their own.

THIEL dealers and artists that have performed at Thiel Studios will have the opportunity to create custom versions of the products to respond to their local markets and fans, offering a step-up version accessory kits that will include real wood veneers, colors, and finishes.

ABOUT THIEL Audio Products LLC
THIEL Audio® is a technology and entertainment company entering its 40th year in operation. During that time, THIEL Audio led the charge in producing some of the most innovative loudspeakers for reproduction of two-channel source material, providing a ultra-realistic sense of depth and space that represented the pinnacle of music reproduction.

During the last 40 years THIEL Audio® became famous for American Made hand crafted loudspeakers with real wood, metal, and even stone accents that produced legendary designs that are immediately recognizable.

In more recent years the industry witnessed THIEL Audio® begin the charge into wireless audio streaming directly to a powered loudspeaker, something that is emulated today in a host of products sold worldwide.

Today, THIEL Audio is pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to bring products and services to market that enable the consumer to experience the very best in audio, wireless streaming, and video content in an effort to bring the listener closer to the artist than ever before possible.

Jonathan Pears