The THIEL PCS: Your Personal Coherent Source Loudspeaker

"I find myself quite enamored with the PCS monitors. They represent an excellent-sounding stand-mount with a wide-open and spacious presentation and crisp imaging. Their midrange clarity, transparency and musical detail are hard to beat especially at this price ."-- John Potis,


Many music lovers have had to put aside some of their personal enjoyment of great music and sound to make way for the bold new world of home theater, movie soundtracks, and the sharing of listening space with family members and friends. Now THIEL makes it possible to have the best of both worlds by providing the passionate music lover with ultimate performance speakers designed for his or her own personal space. Introducing the new THIEL PCS--the high performance personal Coherent Source® loudspeaker.

19-inch tall, personal size cabinet for your intimate space
The new 19-inch tall PCS enables you to indulge your desire for an uncompromised experience of great music and sound, anywhere, at any time, and without interference. Small enough to fit on your bedroom dresser, den shelf, or office credenza, the PCS becomes part of your personal lifestyle, offering you the ultimate in sonic performance while integrating itself seamlessly into your intimate space and time.

Who said you couldn't have it all? THIEL's new Personal Coherent Source loudspeaker--the speaker designed just for you.

Three-way system in a personal size package
The PCS is a three-way system--unusual for such a small enclosure-that incorporates THIEL's latest driver technology, rugged cabinet construction, and phase/time correct Coherent Source® design. All-metal, low-distortion drivers are used for outstanding tonal response and the advanced phase correct crossover design greatly improves spatial fidelity and clarity.

Cabinet construction
The compact, ported cabinet is built with a 2-inch thick front baffle, 1-inch thick cabinet walls, and is internally braced for extreme rigidity to reduce unwanted vibration, improving clarity and spatial performance. The rounded baffle's shape reduces diffraction effects, also improving transient and spatial performance, and its sloped front correctly time aligns the coaxial driver with the woofer.

Finished in the world's finest woods
The PCS is available in a wide variety of exquisite, real-wood and laminate cabinet finishes, finely crafted to enhance any home environment.

PCS/SS2 System named an Electronic House "Product of the Year" for 2004

 New coaxial tweeter/midrange drive array
One of the PCS's most innovative design features is a coaxial tweeter/midrange array where the two drivers' diaphragms share the same voice coil. This technique eliminates the need for a midrange/tweeter section of the electrical crossover network as the drivers incorporate a mechanical crossover. The coaxial driver mounting results in perfect time coherence regardless of listener position, greatly improving imaging and transient fidelity.

Metal diaphragm, low distortion woofer
The PCS's 6.5-inch woofer uses a metal diaphragm to eliminate resonances in the operating range for very clear and open reproduction. Expensive short coil/long gap, copper-stabilized motor systems in all the PCS drivers dramatically reduce distortion. The 2.5 pound woofer magnet increases output capability and all drivers are shielded to allow placement near televisions and computer monitors. All PCS drivers are designed and built by THIEL.

PCS Named One of the Most Innovative Products of 2000 

The PCS was awarded the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovation's 2000 Design and Engineering Award at this year's CES. The PCS is the 17th THIEL speaker to receive this honor.

Innovations is the Consumer Electronics Association's prestigious competition which honors product excellence in design and engineering. The Design and Engneering Honors Program recognizes the most innovative products in several consumer electronics categories. Product evaluations are based on weighted criteria: value to the user, asthetics, contributions to the quality of life, as well as the product's innovative qualities.


 PCS Specifications

Bandwidth (-3dB): 55 Hz-23 kHz
Amplitude Response: 57 Hz-18 kHz ±2 dB
Phase Response: Minimum ±10°
Sensitivity: 87 [email protected] V-1m
Impedance: 4 ohms (3.3 ohms minimum)
Recommended Power: 50-300 watts
Size: 7.25" W x 11.5" D x 19" H
Weight: 30 pounds

Optional THIEL designed stands are available for the new PCS

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