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"The Thiel MCS1 array has so many qualities that make it an ideal choice for a do-it-all, flexible system that I hardly know where to begin...The MCS1 system is a real winner."

--Jeff Fritz, Home Theater Sound/Soundstage!

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A 2002 Stereophile Guide to Home Theater "Recommended Component"

All of THIEL's speaker systems are sonically matched, so you can put together an incredibly realistic multi-channel home theater system with MCS1s and any of THIEL's other seven high performance models. Shown here are MCS1s for rear and center speakers with a pair of CS7.2s for the front channels. Front and rear channel speakers are beautifully finished in matching exotic Bird's-eye Maple. The center channel's black laminate finish blends perfectly with the rear projection television and equipment stand.  

MCS1 stands are an available for vertical or horizontal placement

THIEL speakers are completely designed and built in-house. Drivers, cabinets, and crossover networks are engineered with the highest quality materials and workmanship to deliver exceptional sonic performance, offer outstanding reliability, and produce beautiful cabinetry.


Tweeter/Midrange Coaxial Array
One of the MCS1's most innovative design features is a newly developed coaxial tweeter/midrange driver where the two drivers' diaphragms share the same voice coil. This technique allows the elimination of the midrange/tweeter section of the electrical crossover network as the drivers' structure provides a mechanical crossover. The coaxial mounting results in perfect time coherence regardless of listener position, greatly improving imaging and transient fidelity. The MCS1 uses a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a 3.5-inch aluminum diaphragm midrange. A very low distortion short coil/long gap motor system greatly increases openness and clarity.


The two MCS1 6.5 "woofers use metal diaphragms to eliminate resonances in the operating range for very clear and open reproduction. Expensive short coil/long gap, copper stabilized motor systems dramatically reduce distortion. The 2.2 pound magnet increases output capability and efficiency.  Click here to see a cutaway drawing of the MCS1 woofer

Electrical Crossover
The phase correct electrical crossover design improves spatial and transient performance. The network also corrects small tonal irregularities, improving frequency response. Pure polystyrene and polypropylene capacitors, and air-core inductors wound wound with high purity copper wire preserves sonic information for even greater fidelity.

MCS1 Specifications

Driver complement and description

3-way system with 1" metal dome tweeter coaxially mounted in a 3.5" metal cone, short coil/long gap midrange; two metal cone, short coil/long gap woofers with copper pole sleeve and cast magnesium chassis; dual ported; magnetically shielded

Bandwidth (-3dB)

 47 Hz-23 kHz

Amplitude response

 50 Hz-20 kHz ±2 dB

Phase response

 minimum ±10°


 90 dB @ 2.8 V-1m


 4 ohms (3 ohms minimum)

Recommended power

 50-300 watts

Size (W x D x H)

Size on THIEL Vertical Stands

Size on THIEL Horizontal Stands

10 x 12.5 x 28.5 inches

13.25 x 17 x 39 inches

31.5 x 17 x 20.75 inches


 61 pounds


 10 years

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