The CS7.2 is uncompromisingly engineered to provide the realistic reproduction possible

The CS7.2 is THIEL's flagship loudspeaker. It combines new design techniques and materials with innovations and refinements developed over the 25 years of award-winning speaker making to provide an extraordinary realistic and involving listening experience.

The CS7.2's extreme sonic accuracy enables the listener to experience all of the power and subtle nuances of your favorite recordings: all the delicate shading of musical timbre and all with three-dimensional spaciousness.

We spared little in engineering the CS7.2. It represents the ultimate in innovative design techniques, premium materials, quality workmanship, and fastidious attention to detail. We invite you to audition the CS7.2 with the music you love most.

"The THIEL CS7.2s are among the very small handful of loudspeakers that could be considered the best in the world."

- Wes Phillips, Soundstage!, March 2001

All-metal diaphragm, four-way design

The CS7.2 is a four-way system incorporating a 12-inch woofer and passive radiator. All the CS7.2 drivers use metal diaphragms to provide much higher stiffness and compressive strength than conventional diaphragm materials. This greatly reduces diaphragm resonances for extremely clean and open reproduction with no ringing. The CS7.2 drivers also use a unique short coil/long gap motor system to dramatically reduce distortion, and each of the three cone drivers uses copper in its motor system to stabilize the magnetic field.

Cast mineral/polymer composite baffle

The cabinet's cast mineral/polymer composite baffle greatly reduces energy storage and unwanted vibration, and provides an extremely rigid mounting for the drivers. Internal bracing and cast aluminum driver chassis further reduce unwanted vibration to improve clarity and imaging performance.

"[The CS7.2] is the finest loudspeaker I've had in my system...I enthusiastically recommend them..."

- Brian Damkroger, Stereophile, Vol. 23, No. 2, February 2000


Image HiFi (Germany) magazine's "Speaker of the Millennium" Award

Soundstage's "Edge of the Art" Reviewers Choice 2001 Award

Stereo Sound (Japan) magazine's 1998 COTY "Component of the Year" Award winner

Consumer Electronics Show's Innovations '98 Design and Engineering Award winner

*CS7.2 receives top 2001 "Edge of the Art" award from SoundStage! (read more here)
and Rave Review about the CS7.2
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*Stereophile Magazine Raves about the CS7.2 in their February 2000 issue (read more here)

*CS7.2 named "Speaker of the Millennium" (read more here)

THIEL speakers are completely designed and built in-house. Drivers, cabinets, and crossover networks are engineered with the highest quality materials and workmanship to deliver exceptional sonic performance, offer outstanding reliability, and produce beautiful cabinetry.

Coaxially mounted tweeter and upper midrange
The specially designed 1-inch dome tweeter is mounted coaxially with the upper midrange driver. The tweeter is unique in that it uses four radially magnetized neodymium magnets to power the voice coil. This, along with the long excursion, long gap structure, gives the CS7.2 tweeter much higher output capability and lower distortion than conventional tweeters. The upper midrange driver uses a three-layer sandwich construction diaphragm for extra rigidity to improve clarity. The diaphragm's special shape eliminates tweeter frequency response problems from the coaxial mounting. Both the 1-inch tweeter and 3-inch midrange drivers employ a short coil/long gap motor system for very low distortion, and both use aluminum diaphragms to reduce resonances and ringing for better frequency response and transient performance.

 Lower midrange
The 6.5-inch lower midrange is designed for outstanding upper bass and lower midrange performance. It employs a short coil/long gap motor system, 2.4 pound magnets, an aluminum diaphragm, and cast aluminum chassis for very low distortion and uniform frequency response. A copper pole sleeve maintains a stable magnetic field.

The 12-inch woofer uses an extremely large 9 pound magnet and a short coil/long gap motor system for exceptionally clean, deep bass response to 23 Hz with only one-tenth the distortion found in most bass drivers. The rigid aluminum diaphragm provides resonance-free operation for uniform response and very open reproduction. A heavy copper ring maintains an ultra-stable magnetic field.


CS7.2 Specifications

Driver complement and description

4-way system with 1" metal dome tweeter coaxially mounted with 3", three-layer diaphragm, metal cone upper midrange; 6.5" lower midrange; 12" woofer with 9-pound magnet; passive radiator; all drivers use short coil/long gap motors, aluminum diaphragms and cast magnesium chassis; cast mineral/polymer composite baffle

Bandwidth (-3dB)

 23Hz-20 kHz

Amplitude response

 25 Hz-18 kHz ±1.5 dB

Phase response

 minimum ±10°


 86 dB @ 2.8 V-1m


 4 ohms (3 ohms minimum)

Recommended power

 100-500 watts

Size (W x D x H)

 14 x 19 x 55 inches

Weight (each)

 168 pounds


 10 years

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