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View of unassembled CS6 coaxially mounted
tweeter and midrange drivers

CS6 phase coherent crossover system



THIEL speakers are completely designed and built in-house. Drivers, cabinets, and crossover networks are engineered with the highest quality materials and workmanship to deliver exceptional sonic performance, offer outstanding reliability, and produce beautiful cabinetry.


 The CS6 uses coaxially mounted tweeter and midrange drivers so that the critical upper frequencies remain perfectly time coherent, regardless of where you sit, improving imaging and transient fidelity. Performers and instruments seem to occupy real space in the room, and details in the recording soundtrack are heard much more clearly.

The tweeter employs a very long magnetic gap and large excursion rubber surround for very high output. The midrange driver uses a three-layer sandwich construction diaphragm of aluminum/polystyrene/aluminum specially shaped to act as a waveguide for the tweeter's energy. The shape reduces diffraction, which is a problem with conventional coaxial designs. The three layers increase the diaphragms rigidity, improving clarity and realism.

Cabinet construction and mineral polymer baffle
The movement of individual drivers can cause unwanted vibrations to be emitted from the cabinet, especially from the front baffle. The CS6 cabinet uses a very rigid cast mineral polymer baffle to greatly reduce energy storage and unwanted vibration for improved clarity and imaging performance. Internal cabinet bracing, 1-inch thick cabinet walls, and cast magnesium driver chassis further reduce unwanted vibration.

The midrange driver also has its own non-reflective sub enclosure to isolate the midrange from interaction with the woofer,and further reduce diffraction for better midrange performance.


The 10-inch woofer uses a very heavy 20-pound magnet structure and a short coil/long gap motor system for exceptionally clean, deep bass response to 27 Hz a fraction of the distortion found in most other bass drivers. The rigid aluminum diaphragm provides resonance-free operation for uniform response and very open reproduction. A heavy copper ring maintains an ultra-stable magnetic field.

CS6 Specifications

Driver complement and description

3-way system with 1" tweeter coaxially mounted with 4" three-layer diaphragm midrange; 10" woofer with 10-pound magnet; 12" passive radiator; all drivers use metal diaphragms, short coil/long gap motors and cast aluminum chassis; cast concrete baffle

Bandwidth (-3dB)

 27 Hz-25 kHz

Amplitude response

 29 Hz-18 kHz ±2 dB

Phase response

 minimum ±10°


 86 dB @ 2.8 V-1m


 4 ohms (2.4 ohms minimum)

Recommended power

100-500 watts

Size (W x D x H)

 13 x 18 x 50 inches

Weight (each)

 156 pounds


 10 years

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