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Classic Collection

THIEL Classic Collection Loudspeakers

are what drive us each and every day towards excellence. All of our innovative engineering starts here. From this collection sprung developments such as aluminum front baffles, star diaphragms, and even Coherent Source. We build every Classic Collection THIEL right here in Lexington, Kentucky USA to famously exacting standards: our woodworking tolerance is 2/10ths of a single millimeter, our drivers are all matched to the original design prototype to within a single decibel (often even less). Our speakers are the best in the world and built by the finest craftsmen.

The Classic Collection may be what introduced you to THIEL. Familiar sloped baffles and fine furniture finishing of well known models like CS3.6s, and CS2s are still found in modern Classic Collection speakers like our flagship CS3.7 and CS2.4 models. Improvements have been made throughout the years to maximize the level of detail that can be retrieved from your music. New coaxial/coincident drivers make your entire room a sweet spot. Even familiar music is startling thanks to realistic dynamic range, and voices of people and instruments are unmistakable when played back through our speakers thanks to unrivaled tonal neutrality.

Fall in love with your music every time you play it on THIEL’s Classic Collection of Coherent Source loudspeakers.