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‘The Absolute Sound’ reviews the CS2.7

The reviews for our recently released CS2.7 are starting to be published and the reactions could not be better.

The most recent publication to review the CS2.7 is ‘The Absolute Sound’, a highly regarded magazine covering all areas of  high-end audio. Writer and reviewer Anthony H. Cordesman wrote many wonderful things about the CS2.7 in April’s issue (issue 232).

“THIEL has a long track record of producing some of the best speakers around, but this time it has taken a major step forward”

“…produces a remarkably integrated sound without tying the imaging and soundstage to a location near the speaker or a given driver; it also has the kind of unity and transparency that full-range ribbons and electrostatics are praised for.”

“… an exceptional crossover design that blends the treble and the midrange in the Coaxial Coincident Driver near seamlessly with the lower midrange and bass.”

“the Amberwood version of this speaker is as suitable for exhibition at MOMA as it is for the listening room”

The article, which can be read here, features many more high praises for the CS2.7 as well as some beautiful images captured by photographer Joel Salcido.

Give the article a read, then find your local dealer to give the CS2.7′s a listen. See (and hear) the difference in the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed THIEL speakers for yourselves!