THIEL Audio, performance loudspeakers

Service FAQ

Q: I bought a used THIEL speaker. What’s the warranty on it?

A: THIEL does not offer any warranty on products purchased from friends, Audiogon, or other resellers. The only time when a second-hand THIEL is covered by warranty is when it is purchased through a currently authorized THIEL dealer. In this case, the warranty duration is what remains from the date the original owner first purchased the speaker. Regardless of whether or not your speaker is covered by warranty, you should expect outstanding service from THIEL.

Q: I have a problem with one of the drive units in my speaker. Do I need to send back the entire speaker for service?

A: Not likely. All of our drivers can be easily removed from the cabinets and serviced either by you or a local technician. The ability to handle screwdriver and soldering iron are all that are necessary to remove and reinstall drivers. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, your local THIEL dealer or other qualified service technician can help. Of course, if you prefer, you may send the speaker to our factory.

Q: How do I safely pack my speaker or part so it can be returned to you for service?

A: If you are sending complete speakers, use the original factory packaging. If you no longer have this, please call to order it from us. Note that any product in the CS2 series or larger, MCS1, SS2, SS3, or SS4 must be shipped to us by freight carrier, not UPS, FedEx or DHL. Parts such as drivers can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in sturdy boxes. When packing drivers, take care to cover the diaphragms with cardboard, or for large woofers, plywood, so they are not dented or damaged in transit. This is especially important for older drivers for which we no longer have replacement cones. Note that drivers with cosmetic damage are never covered by warranty, so if you have questions regarding safe packaging, please call.

Q: How long does it take to have repairs performed?

A: Not surprisingly, it depends on the complexity of repairs, and our current workload. If you simply need a tweeter rebuilt, the turnaround time is likely less than 1 week. Most woofers and midrange drivers are repaired within 5-10 working days. Complex drivers such as CS6 and CS7.2 coaxial drivers may take two weeks. Restoration projects for which we’ve received the complete speaker can take up to 1 month and perhaps 6 weeks if full refinishing is also required. Sorry for the wait. Trust me, it’s worth it. We’re very meticulous.

Q: Rather than ship my speakers or parts, can I drop them off?

A: Sure, just let us know ahead of time so we can expect you. If you want to tour the factory, please coordinate your visit with us well in advance.

Q: Is there any warranty on repairs?

A: Sorry, there are too many variables for us to offer a warranty on repaired parts.

Q: Do you offer upgrades or trade-ins for older models?

A: Rarely, we have upgrade opportunities. CS5 to CS5i and CS7 to CS7.2 upgrade kits are no longer available. A few early CS2.3 loudspeakers have not yet been updated. CS2.3s with the update have two magnets on the coax driver rather than one. THIEL does not offer trade in discounts directly, but many local THIEL dealers do. Please inquire with them about this possibility.