THIEL Audio, performance loudspeakers


Small yet extremely versatile. Unassuming visually, yet a sonic force. The SCS4 is a 2-way loudspeaker that performs equally well as an excellent full-range stereo pair, surround-sound, or center-channel speaker. It’s coaxially-mounted drivers and aluminum baffle contibute to the SCS4′s outstanding fidelity, making it as comfortable in demanding music systems as it is playing movie soundtracks or background music.

The SCS4 features THIEL’s top-quality Power Driver - A coaxial/coincident array which provides superb clarity, natural tone, and very broad coverage in your room. Use SCS4s as bookshelf speakers for a compact, high performance stereo, or as any channel in your top-quality home theater. They are a perfect match with THIEL’s Architectural Collection and SmartSub subwoofers.