THIEL Audio, performance loudspeakers

HigherPlane 1.2

higherplanev2_rgb Never doubt that great sound can be yours even when space is a limitation. The in-wall PowerPlane 1.2 and in-ceiling HigherPlane 1.2 provide the most realistic sound possible from the smallest places. Unlike conventional in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, the 2-way, cast aluminum speakers feature THIEL’s Power Driver - a coaxial/coincident driver designed to preserve time and phase coherence, cover a wide area, and reproduce music and movie sounds with precise detail and rich tonal accuracy seldom found in speakers of any cost or configuration.

Fully Enclosed

Many architectural loudspeakers are built without any enclosure of their own. Therefore, they must use the wall in which they are mounted as the acoustic enclosure. This practice leads to a host of problems. Walls are not rigid structures which resonate sympathetically with the loudspeakers and color the output. They also provide very poor isolation from adjoining rooms. As such, late night listening sessions must be turned way down to avoid disturbing the rest of the house. THIEL HigherPlane 1.2s are constructed entirely of cast aluminum providing superior rigidity and isolation with minimal bulk. Unlike competing models, the enclosure is not optional. It is permanently affixed providing the best in sound quality, lack of coloration, and isolation from the rest of the wall.

THIEL Power Driver

The heart of the HigherPlane 1.2 is one of THIEL’s finest engineering feats. The Power Driver is a 6.5″ coaxial coincident driver which places our flagship tweeter at the acoustic center of a bass driver optimized for both linear and detailed sound quality as well as dispersion which are usually competing objectives among loudspeaker developers. Just like all other THIEL loudspeakers, Our Architectural Series models are perfectly time and phase coherent. Just because the speakers are built into a ceiling doesn’t mean that sound quality should suffer. Expect top quality performance from THIEL’s HigherPlane 1.2 in ceiling loudspeaker.