THIEL Audio, performance loudspeakers


THIEL’s SCS4T - a new hallmark for small floorstanding loudspeakers.

The hallmarks of THIEL’s legendary success — excellence in aesthetics, design, and world-class audio engineering — are once again featured prominently in this exciting new release.

THIEL’s much heralded Power Driver, which lies at the heart of the company’s architectural products and the SCS4 bookshelf speaker, along with the first order crossover technology, maintain THIEL’s longstanding tradition of time and phase coherent designs. This state-of-the-art technology is wrapped in meticulously crafted, ultra-rigid cabinetry and aluminum baffle to deliver remarkably high levels of detail, dynamics and hollographic imaging.

The SCS4T cabinets are finished in furniture grade, real hardwood veneer and our satin-lacquered Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, or handsome Black Ash finishes beautifully complement any décor. Elegant, black brushed aluminum gunmetal finish spikes are standard with the SCS4T. The collaboration of world class engineering and an elegant design creates a listening experience that is intimate and immersive, yet startling and dynamic.