THIEL Audio, performance loudspeakers


The CS3.7′s drivers represent state-of-the art technology and engineering. Unique short coil/long gap motor systems dramatically reduce distortion; very rigid aluminum diaphragms eliminate resonance coloration for exceptionally uniform frequency response; long excursion motor structures provide greater output capability for realistically high volume levels; and copper rings are are used for magnetic field stability to greatly reduce distortion from secondary effects. The CS3.7 began development as a theory that supposed a driver didn’t have to be cone shaped, and therefore didn’t have to diffract energy from other drivers around it. What if the midrange was flat? How then would one keep it rigid enough to ensure high performance?

Such dramatic improvement over the previous state of the art is achieved using unique engineering approaches that maximize the performance of normal materials. These performance gains were thought impossible, and actually exceed those of far more expensive exotic materials found in competing loudspeakers.