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At the heart of the CS2.7 lies one of THIEL’s greatest innovations ever -the star diaphragm coaxial / coincident driver which inspired the creation of our flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker. Both the midrange and tweeter diaphragms are formed of anodized aluminum. The unique ribbed geometry of the midrange is engineered to deliver immense rigidity and clarity. An uncharacteristically large diameter voice coil further braces the midrange against out of phase bending common in virtually all other loudspeaker drivers.Tremendous control and high output capability is afforded by the massive amount of neodymium magnets powering the drivers. A very large ring magnet drives the midrange, while 5 neodymium magnets drive the tweeter. As with all THIEL designed and built drivers, this element utilizes a short-coil / long-gap and copper stabilized motor system to ensure ultra-low distortion and utter faithfulness to your music.

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