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The THIEL CS7.2 combines the highest performance in home music and video sound reproduction with uncompromised craftsmanship. The CS7.2’s extreme sonic accuracy enables the listener to experience all of the power and subtle nuances of your favorite recordings; all of the delicate shading of musical timbre; and all with natural three- dimensional spaciousness. We spared little in engineering and building the CS7.2. From its advanced, THIEL designed and built, all-metal diaphragm drivers to its complex crossover network and exquisite cabinetry, the CS7.2 represents the ultimate in innovative design techniques, premium materials, quality workmanship, and fastidious attention to detail.

The THIEL CS7.2 Features:
-Ultra-low distortion short-coil, long gap, copper-stanilized driver motor systems for excellent tonal accuracy and sonic fidelity
-Completely time and phase coherence for greater realism
-Mineral composite front baffle to reduce unwanted vibration to greatly improve clarity and imaging performance

The CS7.2 was produced from 1998 to 2007.

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