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The THIEL CS1.6 is a two-way, floor-standing model incorporating several new innovative design techniques that greatly improve performance in a small, floor- standing loudspeaker. The 36-inch tall CS1.6 delivers a much purer and more open upper midrange response coupled with a sweeter and smoother high frequency performance than conventional two-way models. The new CS1.6 also offers a very high 90 dB efficiency to work well with lower amounts of amplifier power.

The THIEL CS1.6 Features:
-High performance sound from a small floor-standing loudspeaker
-High 90dB efficiency to improve output capability with lower power amplifiers
-Completely time and phase coherent for greater realism
-Specially designed ultra-low distortion woofer and tweeter
-Magnetically shielded for placement near video displays
-Beautiful cabinetry, available in a variety of finishes

The THIEL CS1.6 was produced from 2000 to 2010

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