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CS2.4 named Innovations Design and Engineering Award Winner for 2004

THIEL's 20th Innovations Award since their first in 1978

The THIEL CS2.4 has been named a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award winner for 2004, THIEL's 20th CES Innovations award since its first in 1978.

The Innovations awards honor superior design and engineering among the year's most technologically advanced products in a wide range of consumer electronics categories judged by a preeminent panel of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists. The CS2.4 and other 2004 winners can be seen at the Innovations Design and Engineering Award Showcase located in the special Silver Exhibit area, #71428 at the 2004 CES


CS6 receives follow-up review in October 2004 Stereophile.

"Many, many times, the [CS6s] caught me off-guard with their lifelike dynamics and incredible realism of their images...absolutely glorious." -- Brian Damkroger , Stereophile

Read the full review HERE (PDF, 136K)


PCS/SW1 System named "Editor's Pick" by CE Pro magazine

"Small in Size, Big in Sound"

CE Pro, a magazine for the "connected" home electronics industry has named the THIEL PCS/SW1system as a 2003 "Editor's Pick" for new products by Associate Editor Robert Archer.

While auditioning the system at THIEL's Conrail Station demo room at the recent CEDIA trade show, Robert said he was "impressed with how large the soundstage was and how cleanly and well-defined the system presented [the] vocals and acoustic guitar. Tonally these speakers seemed right on the money."

"I have no doubt that these speakers would light up a room with any movie soundtrack," concluded Robert, "and with their size and beautiful finish, this setup will blend with most decors."


PowerPoint/MCS1 System named "Editors' Choice" by The Perfect Vision

Surround-sound speaker systems from $6,000 to $15,000

The Perfect Vision has named a PowerPoint/MCS1system as a 2003 "Editors' Choice" award winner for loudspeaker systems priced from $6000 to $15,000.

"When you consider THIEL's (nearly) full-range MCS1 left/center/right speakers with its amazing PowerPoint surrounds, you get a dynamic, precisely focused sound with a soundfield that was second-to-none," says The Perfect Vision. "With the recent introduction of THIEL's much-anticipated SW1 'Smart-Sub', the system should take on an entirely new sound that we are eager to audition and report on."

You can read more about the PowerPoint/MCS1 system award and the other "Editors' Choice" winners in the May/June 2003 issue of The Perfect Vision.


Announcing the new model CS2.4

THIEL's newest floor-standing model now available

THIEL Audio announces their newest loudspeaker, the CS2.4. The CS2.4 is a three-way, floor-standing dynamic speaker system designed for very realistic sound reproduction in home music and video sound systems.One of the CS2.4's most innovative design features is an improved coincident tweeter/midrange driver array where the two drivers' diaphragms share the same voice coil. This innovation utilizes a mechanical crossover between the midrange and tweeter diaphragms that allows the elimination of the usual electrical crossover network. More about the CS2.4 HERE.


Passive Crossovers now available for using SW1 sub with 11 THIEL models

Seven Passive Subwoofer Crossovers are now available for using the THIEL SW1 subwoofer with the following eleven THIEL models: CS7.2, CS6/CS3.6, CS2.4/CS2.3, CS1.6, PCS, MCS1, and PowerPlane (R)/ PowerPoint (R)/ Higher Plane. These new crossovers are dedicated units specifically designed to augment their main THIEL models' low frequency output when used with the SW1 for seamless integration and perfectly balanced output. More about the Subwoofer Passive Crossovers HERE


"A real breakthrough product..."

--Tom Jung review in Pro Audio Review touts the PowerPoint's abilities as a professional studio monitor and surround speaker.

"The real beauty here is the ability to position these speakers in spaces where it would simply be impossible to place a stand or floor-mounted speaker...Even if you have the floor space to position floor-standing or stand mounted speakers, the PowerPoints still have the edge with their smooth, accurate uncolored sound and minimized boundry reflection properties...These speakers might just be the ideal surround monitoring solution." Read the complete review HERE


THIEL President Kathy Gornik
Re-elected as 2004 Chair of Consumer Electronics Association Board of Directors

LEXINGTON,KY: Kathy Gornik, President of speaker manufacturer THIEL Audio, has been re-elected chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association's Board of Directors and Executive Board for 2004. Her initial 2003 election made her simultaneously the first woman, the first executive of a small manufacturing company, and the first representative of the high-end audio community to serve in that position. See the 2003 announcement HERE.


TAS names CS1.6 as a "Loudspeaker of the Year" & "Exceptional Value" Winner for 2002, Editor's Choice for 2003

The CS1.6 continues to rack up awards and rave reviews since its introduction last year. Two awards are The Absolute Sound's "Loudspeaker of the Year" award for mid-priced speakers and TAS's highest Class I rating and "Best Buy" designation for speakers under $2500 per pair. Says TAS...

"Our award in this category goes to the remarkable CS1.6 from designer Jim Thiel. By developing innovative new driver technologies, THIEL raised the performance bar in loudspeakers in this price range... 'comparable in most ways to the world's best speakers, ' according to reviewer Tom Miiller."

The CS1.6 was also named as an "Editors' Choice" for 2003 in the Oct/Nov 2003 issue. More About the CS1.6 HERE


CS1.6 Awarded Innovations Design & Engineering Award for 2003

THIEL's 19th CES Innovations Award

The CS1.6 has been named as an Innovations Design and Engineering Award winner for 2003, THIEL's 19th Innovations Award from the International Consumer Electronics Show. CES's Innovations award honors excellence in product design and engineering, recognizing the most innovative consumer electronics of the year. The CS1.6 and other Innovations winners will be on display at the CES show being held in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2003.


SoundStage names CS1.6
"Exceptional Value" Winner for 2002

THIEL's CES exhibit room demonstrations earn "Standout Room" honors at CES 2003.

The CS1.6 has been awarded SoundStage's 2002 "Exceptional Value" award for loudspeakers. SoundStage made their award presentation during the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2003.

SoundStage also named THIEL's exhibit room demonstration as one of the 10 "Standout Rooms" at CES. The room featured two systems: A 7-channel PowerPoint. SW1 subwoofer home theater and a two-channel system with the upcoming CS2.4 floor-standing loudspeaker. Read more about the SoundStage award HERE and HERE. THIEL's CES room can be seen HERE

SoundStage Editor Marc Mickelson presents their "Exceptional Value" Award for the CS1.6 to designer Jim Thiel and THIEL President, Kathy Gornik.

IT'S HERE! The THIEL SW1 Subwoofer featuring SmartSub Technology

The world's most advanced subwoofer for total sonic integration

The SW1 is the most advanced and versatile subwoofer system available. Its innovative design provides exceptionally deep, uniform, dynamic, and low distortion reproduction for extremely realistic bass. In addition, THIEL's patent-pending SmartSub(TM) technology enables the SW1 system to overcome the problems exhibited by conventional subwoofers--poor integration with the system's main speakers and altered response due to nearby walls--to deliver near-ideal performance with virtually any type of main loudspeaker and with virtually any room placement. The SW1 is the first intelligent subwoofer--simple, seamless, and smart. Find Out More Here



"Attractive, Affordable, Awesome...The THIEL CS1.6 is an instant classic."
-The Absolute Sound , April 2002. Click HERE for full review
"For all of the performance they deliver, they must be considered a relative bargain at their...asking price."
July 2002, Click HERE for full review
"The CS1.6 struck a balance that was not only remarkable for a speaker at its price, it was remarkable for a speaker at any price."
-Stereophile Guide to Home Theater , November 2002. Click HERE for full review
"Giant killers"
-The Audiophile Voice , Vol8, N0 3 2002. Click HERE for full review

The CS1.6 receives rave reviews

The new CS1.6 delivers high performance sound from a small floor-standing loudspeaker. The CS1.6's innovative driver design delivers provides unusually pure and much more open midrange performance than conventional two-way loudspeakers. Find Out More Here.



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