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THIEL Audio Introduces the TT1 Loudspeaker at CES 2015

December 10th, 2014 by

Ultimate performance three-way loudspeaker merges advanced engineering with high style

Brentwood, TN – December 9, 2014 – THIEL Audio ( has announced the introduction of the TT1 floorstanding loudspeaker, to be unveiled at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The TT1 is part of the company’s new 3rd Avenue Collection, named after the iconic thoroughfare in Nashville where THIEL is now located. The 3rd Avenue Collection will feature speakers ideally suited for both traditional 2-channel music systems as well as the visceral dynamics and subtle details of home cinema.

The TT1 is technically quite sophisticated, leveraging a forward- thinking approach to acoustical design, highly advanced manufacturing techniques all wrapped within an elegant form factor that signifies the revitalization of the THIEL brand. The design objective of the TT1 is to deliver neutrality—to faithfully reproduce your favorite music or movie soundtracks without unwanted colorations.

The THIEL TT1 utilizes a 4-driver array and multi-order crossover network in a heavily braced, vented MDF enclosure. The sculpted elliptical side panels of the TT1 are created using proprietary tooling to achieve the most refined visual presentation. The rigid baffle construction and midrange mounting architecture have been engineered with a focus on back-wave optimization, resulting in unusually flat response and overall clarity. Another critical aspect of the TT1 is the sophisticated manufacturing process, designed to ensure that each production loudspeaker meets the exacting performance specifications of the reference design.

“Of course we are very excited to bring the TT1 to market—the first loudspeakers to be assembled in THIEL’s new Nashville Operations Center,” explained THIEL CEO John Wittman. “The TT1 represents the highest level of performance that enthusiasts have come to expect from THIEL, as well as an innovative approach to design and manufacturing that is in line with our long term vision for this iconic brand,” Wittman stated. The TT1 is available in premium Rosewood and Walnut veneers as well as White and Black gloss finishes. The THIEL TT1 has an MSRP of $5798 per pair and will become available Q1, 2015. THIEL loudspeakers feature a 10-year warranty.

Please come see and hear the new TT1 at CES 2015, Venetian Towers Suites 30-123 and 30-125


THIEL Audio Bolsters Engineering Team by Adding Dennis Crosson and Gavin Bence

November 6th, 2014 by

New hires will oversee broad range of tasks and report to engineering VP Mark Mason

Brentwood, TN – November 4, 2014 – THIEL Audio ( has announced the addition of Dennis Crosson as Director of Engineering and Gavin Bence, Audio Engineer as THIEL expands the scope and capability of its engineering department. Headed by VP Mark Mason, THIEL’s engineering team will help drive new product launches for the brand throughout 2015 and beyond.

Dennis Crosson brings an extensive background in audio engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing processes to the development of THIEL’s new product lineup, including the management of parts sourcing and associated quality control. Crosson developed products with respected brands such as PSB, JBL and Klipsch among others before joining THIEL, bringing a broad range of experience and a diverse skillset to his new position. “Dennis is a highly technical and creative acoustic designer/engineer who will be invaluable in taking our new speaker designs from prototype to production once I have completed the design process,” explained Mark Mason, THIEL’s VP of Engineering. “Dennis and Gavin will be charged with becoming an integral part of the product design stage while managing critical steps in development, testing, inspection, and manufacturing,” Mason added. Gavin Bence has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and has experience as an engineering intern for Indy Audio Labs and Koss.

“The engineering team is critical to the ongoing development of THIEL’s product line, with an emphasis on ultimate performance as well as manufacturability,” explained THIEL CEO John Wittman. “THIEL is a brand with a vital legacy of award-winning loudspeakers touted for musicality and transparency. Mark and his team are always looking for ways to elevate our products to the next level and THIEL is committed to giving them the resources they require to design and manufacture world class loudspeakers,” stated Wittman. Crosson and Bence have joined the THIEL team at their new headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Please visit THIEL’s traditional audio and surround sound demonstrations at CES 2015, Venetian Towers Suites 30-123 and 30-125


Great coverage on Thiel from

July 31st, 2014 by

 Thiel’s New CEO Says Company ‘Struck a Chord’ Compelling Him to Join

In a telephone interview today, new Thiel Audio CEO John Wittman told us that the company “struck a chord with me personally,” virtually compelling him to take over as CEO after the owners’ invited him to look at the company last winter. Over the course of an interview that went on for more than a hour, Wittman candidly shared his thoughts and perspectives in an enthusiastic and – to the degree he felt appropriate – open manner.

See what Wittman had to say about where Thiel is at…and where it’s going…

Wittman struck us as intelligent and well-spoken – if a little “corporate” – in his responses to our queries. With no background in consumer electronics, he seemed (to us at least) as more of a professional company manager rather than a great technology visionary. However, we were surprised to learn that Wittman studied engineering and physics in college…and that this fact played a significant role in his desire to join the Thiel team.


Last winter, the ownership of Thiel – which apparently wishes to remain anonymous – asked Wittman to take a look at Thiel “from a market perspective, from a manufacturing perspective – from a variety of viewpoints.” Wittman knew one of the principal investors at Thiel because he had managed another company in the past owned by this investor.

See the entire article here:


THIEL Audio Embarks on Brand Revitalization

July 24th, 2014 by

Brentwood, TN – July 24, 2014 – THIEL Audio has announced today that as part of a complete brand revitalization plan, the company’s headquarters has been relocated to the Nashville, TN area and new ownership has appointed John Wittman as CEO. Wittman joins THIEL Audio with a successful track record in consumer products, manufacturing, distribution and most recently the publishing industry.

Nashville’s deep roots in music and entertainment seemed an ideal foundation for a makeover of THIEL Audio, which was founded in 1977 and has designed and built loudspeakers that have earned the respect of music enthusiasts in over 30 countries around the world. “Being a part of the Nashville community is paramount for THIEL, a city founded on making legendary music,” Wittman stated. In addition to the city’s high visibility and growing population, the community provides access to an experienced and creative pool of talented individuals to help move THIEL Audio forward.

Wittman is assembling a diverse and talented team to advance the brand, “Our future is dependent on balancing THIEL’s 37 year history without constraining innovation in order to dynamically meet the changing needs of our consumers,” said Wittman. In the new Nashville headquarters, the THIEL Audio team is growing with the appointment of Paul Fisher, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing along with new hires in engineering, marketing, purchasing and operations, with more staffing to follow. While THIEL Audio is adding some new faces, they are retaining longtime THIEL veterans Lana Ruth and Rob Gillum with a combined 40+ years of audio industry experience to run the customer service and repair departments from a new facility in Lexington, KY.
“Our objective at THIEL first and foremost is to be a fresh and imaginative company, engineering and manufacturing premium products that represent outstanding craftsmanship as well as the highest levels of performance,” Wittman stated. THIEL is placing an emphasis on designing new products to address a broad range of market segments including but not limited to high performance audio, home theater and the custom installation channel. Part of the new go-forward strategy will be to broaden the audience for THIEL Audio products by establishing key relationships for the brand; making the line visible to luxury buyers as well as the traditional audiophile. Based on those initiatives, THIEL’s VP of Engineering Mark Mason is designing an entire new series of speakers to be unveiled in 2015. “Everyone at THIEL is energized to be a part of such a vital and legendary brand, with an opportunity to execute our vision for truly innovative premium products and services,” said Wittman.


A New Vision for THIEL Audio: Introducing the TM3 Loudspeaker

January 13th, 2014 by

January 6, 2014THIEL Audio has announced the introduction of the TM3 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker. The TM3 represents a new design approach for the company, featuring high performance proprietary components and ground-up engineering by THIEL’s Director of Product Development Mark Mason. The TM3 employs a reimagined industrial design that emphasizes sleek, modern lines while adhering to the acoustic principles of reduced diffractions and extreme rigidity—both important attributes of an ultimate performance loudspeaker. The core industrial design ethos of the TM3 will be carried forward to future products.

The TM3 project began as a vision for a compact speaker with superior on and off axis frequency response uniformity, high power handling capabilities and ultra-low levels of distortion. These characteristics help make the TM3 ideal for traditional music applications as well as the rigors of movies soundtracks. The TM3 delivers tremendous dynamic capability in a beautifully sculpted multi-ply wood enclosure. The 2-way design utilizes a proprietary 6.5-inch cast basket woofer and 1-inch tweeter, both optimized specifically for the TM3 project. “Our ultimate goal for the TM3 was to create a loudspeaker that outperforms competitive products while pleasing the discerning eye of décor-conscious consumers,” explained THIEL CEO Bill Thomas.

At CES, THIEL will have an Amberwood pair of TM3s playing in their Venetian suite. The CS1.7s will also be on active display. The THIEL TM3 is expected to be shipping to authorized dealers by late spring 2014, with a projected MSRP of $2,999 per pair in standard finishes. Please visit THIEL at CES 2014 Venetian Towers 29-111.



  • Projected MSRP: $2,999/Pair (standard finishes)
  • Optional stands: $599/Pair projected MSRP
  • Design: 2-Way Bass Reflex
  • Bandwidth: 45Hz to 30 KHz
  • Sensitivity: (2.83v At 1m) 87db
  • Driver Compliment:1” (25 mm) metal dome tweeter 6.5” (16.5 cm) cast basket woofer with fiberglass cone
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Minimum Impedance: 3.5 Ohms
  • H x W x D: 16” x 9.5” x 8.7” / 41cm x 24cm x 22cm
  • Projected weight: 20lbs / 9 kgs

THIEL Appoints New Director of Product Development

September 12th, 2013 by

September 10, 2013 –  THIEL Audio, winner of over 60 prestigious awards for loudspeaker design and performance since 1978, has appointed Mark Mason as the company’s new Director of Product Development. Mason represents the first in-house engineering presence for the brand since the passing of Jim Thiel in 2009.

Mark Mason brings a depth of engineering experience combined with a broad range of technical capabilities to THIEL after nearly a decade as Design Team Manager at PSB. Mason’s expertise includes critical applications such as driver design (the term “driver” refers to the woofer, midrange and tweeter components that make up most dynamic loudspeakers), Class D amplifier design and high performance acoustic systems design (referring to a completed loudspeaker including drivers, crossover networks and enclosures). “I heard about THIEL quite a long time ago and I have tremendous respect for what the brand has achieved in the three decades plus since it was founded,” explained Mason. “I am honored that I have an opportunity to be a part of THIEL’s future and help evolve this storied organization,” Mason added.

Mason has demonstrated success as a creative thinker and team leader with a proven history of bringing premium audio products to market in a timely manner. “I have been fascinated by loudspeaker design since childhood and have a great passion for seeking out the highest possible levels of performance,” Mason explained. “One of the aspects of THIEL that excites me is the domestic manufacturing capability here in Lexington, Kentucky—I have an opportunity to take a vision from the earliest stages of development and work with the factory every step of the way to achieve the desired results,” Mason stated. “This gives me vastly more control over performance and quality than if I were handing drawings off to overseas contract manufacturers,” he added. Mason is confident that he can first evaluate and then manage the technology, people, and processes together at THIEL to achieve great things for the brand. “I am thrilled at the prospect of designing and overseeing a lineup of ultimate quality loudspeakers across multiple market segments, such as high performance floor-standing models, custom installation products and loudspeakers for home theater,” said Mason.

Since THIEL was acquired earlier this year, the new ownership group has been focused on a fresh approach to product engineering and industrial design while leveraging the strong heritage of the company. Mason’s appointment as Director of Product Development is in concert with this carefully orchestrated new vision for THIEL. “I have many years of association with Mark at PSB and watched him grow into a world-class talent in all phases of speaker design and manufacturing,” stated THIEL COO Bob Brown. “Mark is perfectly suited to take the product development reins at THIEL—it has been years since the company has had anyone of Mark’s breadth of experience driving engineering,” Brown added.

“While we have kicked off a major new product development initiative, the timing for Mark’s arrival could not be more ideal,” said THIEL CEO Bill Thomas. “He has worked with our North American Sales Manager and our industrial designer in the past very successfully and I anticipate this team reaching full stride very quickly,” continued Thomas. Part of the new vision for the brand includes a more regimented new product development process and cycle, making the company more vital in the marketplace and of increased value to the sales chain. “We have expended great effort to bring the necessary human resources to THIEL so that engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and administration are all working together,” Thomas concluded.

Most recently, Mason was Director of Product Development for Specialty Technologies (SVS), where he was accountable for all aspects of the company’s product management strategy and execution. Over the years, Mason’s designs have garnered numerous prestigious awards such as The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice, Sound & Vision Certified and Recommended, Sound & Vision Editor’s Choice, Home Cinema Best Buy, Best Home Cinema Room (S&V Bristol Show), SoundStage Great Buy, AV Forums Best Buy, EISA Best Product, Audioholics Consumer Excellence, Stereophile Recommended Components, Electronic House Product of the Year.


‘Sound & Vision’ Publishes CS1.7 Review

September 6th, 2013 by

In the September 2013 edition of ‘Sound & Vision’, Brent Butterworth wrote about his in-depth look into the CS1.7, THIEL’s newest member of the floor-standing speaker line. Here are some highlights from the article:

“The CS1.7’s phase-coherent design worked just as much magic with EDM keyboard squiggles as it did with acoustic guitars on audiophile recordings…”

“The ambience wrapped my room, the sounds swirled behind me, and the bass pulsed deep and tight.”

“Michael Henderson’s finger-plucked bass line proved no problem for the 6.5-inch woofer; in fact, it sounded exceptionally precise and grooving.”

“…it’s a speaker for those who want to hear every last sonic detail…”

If you would like to read more, a .pdf reprint is available here, or go see and hear for yourself at your nearest local authorized THIEL dealer!


THIEL Unveils the CS1.7 Floor-standing Loudspeaker

May 17th, 2013 by

THIEL Audio has announced the introduction of the CS1.7 Coherent Source® floor-standing loudspeaker. The CS1.7 employs THIEL’s renowned phase and time coherent design using precision engineered first order acoustic crossover networks, and the latest technology for the woofer and tweeter engineered by THIEL specifically for the CS1.7 project.

The CS1.7 follows a long tradition of THIEL 2-way floor-standing speakers beginning with the Model 04 in 1979. Each new iteration of this series from THIEL has received accolades from audiophile journalists and music lovers worldwide. The CS1.7 seeks to establish new standards for resolution of detail, imaging and staging, dynamic capability, and tonal purity for those consumers seeking ultra high fidelity from an attractive and compact form factor.

The technology employed in the CS1.7 design is all new, leveraging much of the R&D from the flagship model CS3.7. The CS1.7 tweeter, based on the enormously popular CS1.6, has been highly optimized for the CS1.7 featuring a new voice coil, new magnetic circuit, and reworked aluminum diaphragm, resulting in increased linearity and lower distortion. The aluminum woofer’s “star” diaphragm was conceived using the latest laser measurement technology, and also utilizes a new voice coil and magnetic structure that enables the driver to operate as a piston through a much greater range of frequencies. The crossover network is a classic THIEL first order acoustic design, maintaining the phase and time coherent nature of all THIEL loudspeakers. The cabinet is 1-inch thick and the massive baffle, with a low turbulence vertical port, is 2-inches thick, delivering the ultimate in rigidity and inertness. Even the magnetically adhered grille. has been carefully engineered to prevent any diffraction. The CS1.7 comes equipped with leveling feet, however an optional brushed aluminum Outrigger base (pictured here) is available to improve the sonic performance of the speaker by maximizing stability on virtually any surface.

“The CS1.7 delivers superb musicality from a sleek floor-standing loudspeaker that is décor friendly thanks to its moderate size and elegant array of real wood veneers” said THIEL National Sales Manager Stephen DeFuria, “The CS1.7 represents the performance and value that our dealers and worldwide distribution have been asking for.” The THIEL CS1.7 is now shipping to authorized THIEL dealers with an MSRP of $3,999 USD per pair.

CS1.7 Dimensions

Size Inches: (WxDxH) 9.5 x 11.8 x 36.5 (with outriggers 13.8 x 15 x 38.5)
Size Centimeters: (W x D x H) 24 x 30 x 92.4 (with outriggers 35 x 38 x 97.8)
Weight: 54lbs / 23kg




‘The Absolute Sound’ reviews the CS2.7

April 17th, 2013 by

The reviews for our recently released CS2.7 are starting to be published and the reactions could not be better.

The most recent publication to review the CS2.7 is ‘The Absolute Sound’, a highly regarded magazine covering all areas of  high-end audio. Writer and reviewer Anthony H. Cordesman wrote many wonderful things about the CS2.7 in April’s issue (issue 232).

“THIEL has a long track record of producing some of the best speakers around, but this time it has taken a major step forward”

“…produces a remarkably integrated sound without tying the imaging and soundstage to a location near the speaker or a given driver; it also has the kind of unity and transparency that full-range ribbons and electrostatics are praised for.”

“… an exceptional crossover design that blends the treble and the midrange in the Coaxial Coincident Driver near seamlessly with the lower midrange and bass.”

“the Amberwood version of this speaker is as suitable for exhibition at MOMA as it is for the listening room”

The article, which can be read here, features many more high praises for the CS2.7 as well as some beautiful images captured by photographer Joel Salcido.

Give the article a read, then find your local dealer to give the CS2.7′s a listen. See (and hear) the difference in the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed THIEL speakers for yourselves!