THIEL FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions:
How much power do I need, what's the best placement, and more

THIEL Design & Engineering Information-Designing a better speaker
Find out more about THIEL's design philosophy and its implementation through innovative techniques and the use of unusual materials

More about THIEL's Low Distortion Short Coil/Long Gap Driver Design HERE

Take a Tour of THIEL
See how THIEL speakers are built. From selecting fine veneers to final testing, every step of manufacturing is performed with great attention to detail.

THIEL's Brief Guide to Home Theater Sound
Why great sound is important for enjoying video entertainment in your home

Interviews with Jim Thiel
The Absolute Sound 's Harry Pearson goes one-on-one with Jim Thiel

Stereophile's Editor John Atkinson gets an insight into Jim Thiel's legacy

Widescreen Review discusses Jim's philosophy on speaker designing for
both audio and video sound

Video Interview at Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-Fi HERE

THIEL Technical Design Papers
All you ever wanted to know about speaker design...and more.
Detailed information on selected models in PDF format

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