Stereophile Publishes Rave Review of the CS7.2

The CS7.2 is absolutely superb," says Brian Damkroger in his outstanding review of the CS7.2 from the February 2000 Stereophile. "It is the finest loudspeaker I've had in my system by any standard"

Brian has owned CS3.6s and favorably reviewed the CS2.3 last year, so he is very familiar with THIEL. Part of his great appreciation of the CS7.2 lies in Jim Thiel's "elegantly simple" design principles that enable him to make sense of what it takes to build a speaker of this magnitude. "Sure, if you just look at the details, the CS7.2 is complex. However, if you followed the process-start with the desired performance attributes and move forward into the CS7.2's design and implementation-it becomes obvious that each element is only as complex as it needs to be to do the job."

 "The CS7.2 is absolutely superb...It is the finest loudspeaker I've had in my system by any standard"

Brian also liked the CS7.2s relative value when compared to other ultra-high end systems. "$13,500/pair may seem expensive, but in the world of cost-no-object super systems the CS7.2's performance puts them in, it isn't. Add the construction quality, the simplicity and ease of use, and the associated savings in amps and cables [bi-amping and bi-wiring is not necessary], and the CS7.2 is actually a good value."

"the CS7.2 is the fullest realization to date of Jim Thiel's process and goals (of) achieving tonal, spatial, transient, and dynamic fidelity, " says Brian. "The CS7.2 is absolutely superb in these areas. It combines and exceeds all the positive attributes of the other Thiels I've auditioned, while ameliorating most of their shortcomings."

 "...the CS7.2 is as good as anything available...
"I enthusiastically recommend them"

During the listening audition, Brian wrote about how the CS7.2s had him "staying up nights listening to music for the first time in quite a while.By reproducing everything-every tone, every harmonic, every nuance, every detail-with precision and purity, the CS7.2 allowed every aspect of the system to be improved and optimized, as well as making its own, direct contribution to the performance."

Other comments include: on the bass performance, "Thiel speakers are known for excellent bass, but the CS7.2 was even better than I expectedit was fast, clean, powerful and very natural-in other words, dead on"; on the high frequency performance, "The CS7.2's top end was easily the best of any Thiel speaker I've heard, and very good on any scalesweet and detailed without any brightness"; on the spatial performance, "The CS7.2's imaging was similarly outstandingalmost holographic; and clarity, "superb performance on transientsIts transient fidelity made everything seem more realistic and alive."

"...the CS7.2 is as good as anything available," concludes Brian. "I enthusiastically recommend them"

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