Any part of a speaker that absorbs energy will re-radiate it later in time in a highly distorted manner. The radiation of this stored energy obscures subtle detail, reduces clarity, and causes a loss of spatial information. Energy is stored primarily in driver diaphragms and cabinet walls, especially the front baffle.



To reduce unwanted vibration, THIEL constructs cabinets with 1-inch thick cabinet walls and uses extensive internal bracing to increase wall stiffness. Front baffle vibrations excited by driver motions are reduced by using fiberboard baffles up to 3 inches thick, or baffles of special materials such cast mineral/polymer (CS6 and CS7.2) to further increase rigidity.

All THIEL drivers incorporate cast magnesium chassis rather than stamped steel or plastic to increase mechanical rigidity, and thus reduce unwanted vibration. Energy storage is also reduced by minimizing diaphragm resonances.

(click here to see a cutaway drawing of the CS2.3 woofer)


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