Designing a better loudspeaker

THIEL LOUDSPEAKERS ARE precision instruments designed to accurately translate electronic information into sound. All our efforts have been directed toward achieving extremely faithful translation of the tonal, spatial, transient, and dynamic information supplied by the system's amplifier.

THIEL speakers are not intended to mask or mitigate shortcomings of the recording or other components of the audio playback system. We believe this is the only way to allow you to hear all the subtle details that make listening to reproduced sound an enjoyable human experience.

The choice: dynamic loudspeakers

To create a realistic sound field within the listening room, we believe loudspeakers must have wide-area radiation and an absence of out-of-phase energy. To achieve this, THIEL speakers employ dynamic drivers. Dynamic drivers provide a point source radiation pattern with good dispersion of sound over a wide area, good dynamic and bass capabilities, and a lack of rearward out-of-phase energy. Also, their small size allows multiple drivers to be arranged in one vertical line, avoiding the problems of line source designs that must place drivers side by side, causing time errors with different listener positions.

Three relationships

Every musical sound is composed of several pitches uniquely related in volume, timing, and synchrony (amplitude, time, and phase). These relationships are responsible for the distinct character of each sound. To accomplish our goal of faithfully preserving all four characteristics of the recorded signal--tonal, spatial, transient, and dynamic--a loudspeaker must preserve all three relationships of amplitude, timing, and synchrony.

Conventional loudspeakers only reproduce the sound's amplitude information, and ignore the time and phase information important for spatial realism and clarity. THIEL Coherent Source loudspeakers are both time and phase coherent, so all three types of sonic information are preserved.

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