Q. Can I use THIEL speakers for a home theater?

A. THIEL's approach to home theater is the same as our approach to music reproduction: We design products that reproduce the input signal as completely, as clearly, and as naturally as possible. Therefore, all THIEL models are as suited to video sound as they are to music-only playback.

THIEL's Coherent Source design preserves the time and phase information so that spatial information contained in the signal is accurately reproduced. Sounds come from specific points and move realistically within a three-dimensional soundstage. THIEL's exceptionally natural tonal balance allows voices to sound much more authentic and the speakers' unusually high degree of clarity allows the subtle details of a rain shower or a shoe striking the pavement to be readily heard. From the blast of an explosion to the quiet rustling of a leaf, the bombast of a symphony orchestra or the intimacy of a female vocalist, THIEL speakers' wide dynamic range and natural reproduction bring home entertainment of any type to new levels of enjoyment.


THIEL offers a wide range of models suitable for all home entertainment applications. While any of the models is an excellent choice as the full-range main speakers, the versatile bookshelf sized MCS1 and SCS3, and the smaller floorstanding CS1.5 and CS.5, are ideal for rear or center-channel placement. These models are all magnetically shielded to prevent picture distortion when placed near video monitors. The MCS1 and SCS3's coaxial design allows them to deliver superior sound from almost any location, whether the cabinet is placed vertically or horizontally.

A pair of CS7.2s serve as the main speakers with three MCS1s as center and rear channel speakers.


The larger models, the CS2.3, CS3.6, CS6, and CS7.2, are excellent for the main speaker pair and the latter two models provide superb dynamics and produce powerful bass, virtually eliminating the need for a subwoofer in most systems.

And because all THIEL speakers share the same sonic characteristics, combining different THIEL models in your multi-channel home entertainment system ensures that your system's sound quality is synergistic and consistent throughout.

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