Q. Can I bi-wire or bi-amp THIEL speakers?

A. Some speakers offer the ability to connect more than one amplifier or one set of cables to the speaker. Connecting two amplifiers is called bi-amping, and connecting two sets of cables is called bi-wiring. A speaker set up for bi-wiring or bi-amping offers a separate connection to the speaker for the upper frequency driver or drivers and a second connection for the lower frequency driver.

Bi-wiring and bi-amping are actually two different connection methods, but have somewhat similar purposes. One theory behind offering this type of connection is that one kind of amplifier or cable may be better suited for reproducing the upper frequencies of the signal and a different amp or cable is better for reproducing the lower frequencies. Another point of view is that by dividing the demands placed on a single amplifier or cable, that two amps or two cables will perform better than one, optimizing performance.

THIEL speakers do not offer bi-wiring or bi-amping capabilities. It is our opinion that using one better amplifier or a single, but better, set of cables offers superior performance than using two lesser amplifiers or lesser sets of cables with THIEL speakers.

Using two different amplifiers or cables would compromise the seamlessness of the reproduction. Even using two identical amplifiers or cables does not offer the best performance for the money spent, in our opinion. Our listening has shown us that, for example, our speakers perform better with one $2000 amplifier from brand A, rather than two $1000 amplifiers from brand A­­or one set of $500 speaker cables from brand B, rather than two $250 sets from brand B.

Another reason for not offering bi-amp/wire capabilities is that it would require the use of a connecting strap between the two separate speaker input sections for normal, single amplifier operation, resulting in degraded single amp performance.

Some of you may already own a second set of identical cables. You can connect more than one set of identical cables to the single pair of binding posts on THIEL speakers that may result in improved sound. Simply double up the cable connection on the THIEL speaker's binding posts.

Note: Our recommendations may not apply to other speaker brands, as those manufacturers may have specifically designed their speakers to be bi-amped or bi-wired.

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