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THIEL Unveils the CS1.7 Floor-standing Loudspeaker

May 17th, 2013 by

THIEL Audio has announced the introduction of the CS1.7 Coherent Source® floor-standing loudspeaker. The CS1.7 employs THIEL’s renowned phase and time coherent design using precision engineered first order acoustic crossover networks, and the latest technology for the woofer and tweeter engineered by THIEL specifically for the CS1.7 project.

The CS1.7 follows a long tradition of THIEL 2-way floor-standing speakers beginning with the Model 04 in 1979. Each new iteration of this series from THIEL has received accolades from audiophile journalists and music lovers worldwide. The CS1.7 seeks to establish new standards for resolution of detail, imaging and staging, dynamic capability, and tonal purity for those consumers seeking ultra high fidelity from an attractive and compact form factor.

The technology employed in the CS1.7 design is all new, leveraging much of the R&D from the flagship model CS3.7. The CS1.7 tweeter, based on the enormously popular CS1.6, has been highly optimized for the CS1.7 featuring a new voice coil, new magnetic circuit, and reworked aluminum diaphragm, resulting in increased linearity and lower distortion. The aluminum woofer’s “star” diaphragm was conceived using the latest laser measurement technology, and also utilizes a new voice coil and magnetic structure that enables the driver to operate as a piston through a much greater range of frequencies. The crossover network is a classic THIEL first order acoustic design, maintaining the phase and time coherent nature of all THIEL loudspeakers. The cabinet is 1-inch thick and the massive baffle, with a low turbulence vertical port, is 2-inches thick, delivering the ultimate in rigidity and inertness. Even the magnetically adhered grille. has been carefully engineered to prevent any diffraction. The CS1.7 comes equipped with leveling feet, however an optional brushed aluminum Outrigger base (pictured here) is available to improve the sonic performance of the speaker by maximizing stability on virtually any surface.

“The CS1.7 delivers superb musicality from a sleek floor-standing loudspeaker that is décor friendly thanks to its moderate size and elegant array of real wood veneers” said THIEL National Sales Manager Stephen DeFuria, “The CS1.7 represents the performance and value that our dealers and worldwide distribution have been asking for.” The THIEL CS1.7 is now shipping to authorized THIEL dealers with an MSRP of $3,999 USD per pair.

CS1.7 Dimensions

Size Inches: (WxDxH) 9.5 x 11.8 x 36.5 (with outriggers 13.8 x 15 x 38.5)
Size Centimeters: (W x D x H) 24 x 30 x 92.4 (with outriggers 35 x 38 x 97.8)
Weight: 54lbs / 23kg



‘The Absolute Sound’ reviews the CS2.7

April 17th, 2013 by

The reviews for our recently released CS2.7 are starting to be published and the reactions could not be better.

The most recent publication to review the CS2.7 is ‘The Absolute Sound’, a highly regarded magazine covering all areas of  high-end audio. Writer and reviewer Anthony H. Cordesman wrote many wonderful things about the CS2.7 in April’s issue (issue 232).

“THIEL has a long track record of producing some of the best speakers around, but this time it has taken a major step forward”

“…produces a remarkably integrated sound without tying the imaging and soundstage to a location near the speaker or a given driver; it also has the kind of unity and transparency that full-range ribbons and electrostatics are praised for.”

“… an exceptional crossover design that blends the treble and the midrange in the Coaxial Coincident Driver near seamlessly with the lower midrange and bass.”

“the Amberwood version of this speaker is as suitable for exhibition at MOMA as it is for the listening room”

The article, which can be read here, features many more high praises for the CS2.7 as well as some beautiful images captured by photographer Joel Salcido.

Give the article a read, then find your local dealer to give the CS2.7′s a listen. See (and hear) the difference in the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed THIEL speakers for yourselves!

Welcome to the new!

March 19th, 2012 by

THIEL proudly introduces our new website! We aim to dramatically simplify our website in organizational terms, but to retain the wealth of knowledge contained in our old one. Contained within, you’ll find information on all models new and old. Rich photo galleries exist for each model that showcase different wood finishes, and for some models, different installations in homes. Technical papers, owner’s manual downloads, instruction sheets, and more are neatly organized beneath each model page, Reviews are organized by model as well.

Find your nearest THIEL dealer faster than ever with our completely re-written dealer locator. Based upon the ubiquitous Google Maps engine, you can search for a nearby THIEL dealer and know immediately if they have a specific model available for demonstration. You can also get driving directions in one click. is also our new hub for social sharing. Our home page can now keep you up to date on our facebook and twitter happenings. We’ll be keeping the blog current as well with entries from all the THIEL staff, not just Gary. We’ll be making updates every day for the next few months, so keep coming back, and let us know what’s missing, or what you want more of. The site is still very much a work in progress, so please let us know what information is missing and what you’d like to see added down the road. Thanks, and again, Welcome!