THIEL Loudspeakers for Your Custom Built Home: Great Look, Award-Winning Sound, Exceptional Value

High Performance Loudspeakers for Home Builders, Remodelers and Custom Installers

THIEL's award-winning, high performance loudspeakers are the perfect fit for anyone choosing to incorporate the finest home entertainment components into the construction of their new home. By specifying THIEL loudspeakers within the building plan, a home can be constructed with the wires hidden away and the speakers seamlessly integrated into the living environment, adding an extremely high value to the home for both present and future owners.

Visually unobtrusive, disappearing into any decor.
THIEL Audio, with over 28 years of award-wining speaker design, has developed speakers optimized for the highest level of sonic reproduction while remaining visually unobtrusive, disappearing into any decor. Owners can enjoy their favorite music throughout the house and experience spectacular home theater sound, establishing an entirely new standard for distributed entertainment sytems.

From the acclaimed PowerPoint and PowerPlane on- and in-wall loudspeakers to the custom-built ViewPoints for wall mounted video displays, THIEL offers a complete line of lifestyle speakers. For owners, this adds both pleasure and value to your new home. For builders, this offers a real performance edge in today's competitive real estate market.

Added value for remodelers
Remodelers can also take advantage of the added value THIEL loudspeakers bring whether used for a home theater addition or a full-home renovation. THIEL's in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall, and shelf speakers bring a new level of sound quality to a speaker category that usually compromises sonic performance for usability. THIEL is the solution for those who want the very best in home entertainment.

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"[Designer Jim Thiel embraced the custom installation trend years ago, creating unique speakers that deliver unbelievable performance even though they are mounted in the wall or on the ceiling."

--Brent Butterworth, Home Entertainment and Design

In-Wall, On-Wall, In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
The award-winning PowerPoint surface-mount loudspeaker and its in-wall version PowerPlane, in-ceiling version HigherPlane and the flat panel TV version ViewPoint all deliver outstanding full-range performance from a speaker catagory that usually compromises sonics for usability, all while integrating seamlessly into the environment.

Shelf Loudspeakers
The breakthrough MCS1 and SCS3 LCR multichannel loudspeakers and the high performance mini-monitor PCS deliver the ultimate in realism for your client's favorite music or movies whether hidden on shelving or custom finished in a wide variety of the world's finest real-wood veneers to match any home decor or furniture.

Floor-standing Loudspeakers
THIEL's floor-standing loudspeakers are world-renowned for their high performance sound, stunning design, and equisite craftsmanship. From the top-of-the-line CS7.2 to the magnificent CS6, the legendary CS3.6 to the award-winning CS2.4 and high value CS1.6, there is a THIEL floor-standing loudspeaker that will deliver the ultimate in realism in your customer's home theater room.

SmartSub Subwoofers
THIEL designs and builds a complete line of SmartSub (r) subwoofer products that bring you all of the emotional impact and spectacular sound effects of movie soundtracks, as well as deliver the highest level of music reproduction. Four subwoofer models matched with either THIEL passive crossovers or the innovative SC1 Integrator will deliver the ultimate in realism for your favorite music and movies.

To meet today's home entertainment needs, THIEL designs and builds lifestyle loudspeakers that bring you all of the emotional impact and spectacular sound effects of movie soundtracks, as well as deliver the highest level of music reproduction.

Find out more about THIEL's full line of high performance loudspeakers HERE.

"...a company known for decades as one of the high-end speaker industry's finest..."

--Randy Tomlinson, The Perfect Vision

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