AURORA Ultra-HD Live Concert Streaming Studio

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, AURORA’s Ultra-HD Live Concert Streaming Studio embodies state-of-the art technology that advances the essential drive for performers to make the best impression on their audiences, and for listeners to enjoy a rich emotional experience from a musical connection with the artists they follow.

In the AURORA experience, performers, their fans and the music industry turn a new page on how music is expressed, shared and enjoyed. AURORA makes music and video magic, as its several components harmonize to convey a superior experience for both the musician and listener. AURORA means audio empowerment at levels never before seen or heard in the industry, through the expression of 24-bit/192 khz hi-res audio files without hitch or artifact.

AURORA brings about the ultimate expression of interactive high-quality, near-synchronous artistic collaboration between performer and viewer. While musicians are supported in an environment that enables them to create best imaginable sound, subscribers to the AURORA Network are enabled in a user- defined custom experience, to view and listen to performances via a personalized interactive dashboard—fans vote on playlists and sets, and even send requests to performers. Over a AURORA Command Center, viewers may control camera angles and even edit a personal version of the concert, which can then be posted on social media sites.

Far more than a virtual digital playground, AURORA Studios is the sound destination for those in the music and entertainment industry who need a multi-purpose venue to promote their acts. AURORA is ready to implement intimate live concerts, artist showcases, performer interviews, record release parties, and film screenings, which can simultaneously or later be streamed over our robust network. AURORA is also home to the exclusive THIEL Listening Room, featuring 4K video and surround-sound technology, for the discriminating audio enthusiast of THIEL loudspeakers

Bring the AURORA Network experience into your home. See and hear what the future of musical entertainment is all about.