The THIEL Audio Story

THIEL Audio today is a dynamic American entertainment company, with a fresh, yet time-tested approach to delivering enthusiastic, life-like sound through stunningly gorgeous loudspeakers that feature the highest quality components and the latest acoustic technology,

Living up to the legacy of sound excellence by its founder Jim Thiel, whose achievements in speaker design and acoustical innovation made him a touchstone among audiophiles and music enthusiasts, THIEL Audio’s current line of speakers evoke and demonstrate the same high attributes of craftsmanship and engineering that are the hallmark of superior sound reproductionand the rigorous principles that have made the THIEL brand so valued and treasured throughout its 40 years.

Music has a profound impact on our lives. It makes us feel good. It motivates us to aspire to great things. It can bring calm to the hectic patterns of our everyday lives. And it connects us to the souls of others. Music enjoyed through premium THIEL speakers is one way to live richly in those experiences.

The beauty and elegance of our superb speakers, with the powerfully curved design of our cabinets, speak to a highly tuned craftsmanship and contemporary design that is a fine complement any interior. THIEL loudspeakers are perfect for sound consultants, interior decorators, serious audiophiles, and even the budding music aficionado with a discerning ear.

THIEL speakers use the finest components and assemblies,exceptionalproduction quality, precise calibration and quality certification in order to reliably obtain acoustical consistency and balanced performance at all listening levels.Our sound is magnificent from the lowest bass to the highest treble. The design, component-build and layout placement of speaker drivers ensures the best sound dispersion and seamless transitions. The result is a highly efficient, controlled sound with a flat frequency response and extended bandwidth,which means you get to experience both intensity and intimacy as you feel the presence of the music in every corner of the listening area.

THIEL Audio’s future holds out even greater promise than its former legacy, with new products aimed at discriminating audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Take a look at our new SmartSub™, a subwoofer that is wirelessly managed by a smartphone. THIEL’s AURORA’s Ultra-HD Music and 4K Video Live Streaming Production Studio will set the new standard for distributing and experiencing live entertainment.

Stay with THEIL Audio. Give us a listen. You will be impressed with what you hear.