New THIEL CS3.7 & SCS4 featured in THIEL system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas        

CES07 logoTHIEL Audio featured the much anticipated, floor-standing CS3.7 and the soon-to-be released SCS4 in a live multichannel music/home theater system at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11, 2007, in Las Vegas, NV. Over 140,000 attendees from across the globe experienced the latest consumer technology products from 2,700 exhibitors at CES's 40th Anniversary, the largest trade show in North America. THIEL's exhibit was part of the new High Performance Audio & Home Theater venue at the Venetian Hotel.

Partnered with Bryston, Synergestic Research & Sim2
We shared our new exhibit with fellow manufacturers Bryston, Synergistic Research, and Sim2 this year. The active system featured new products from all four companies including Bryston's new 28B SST 1000 watt monoblocks and new CD player with Bryston's discrete analog Class A output stage; Synergistic Research's new Tesla Series cables and interconnects featuring Zero Capacitance Active Shielding(tm); and Sim2's C3X , the world's smallest, state-of-the-art 3-Chip DLP based projector.
The new SCS4 is a versatile, two-way, bookshelf-sized speaker system that provides outstanding front, rear, or center channel performance in multi-channel or two channel systems. The SCS4's high output capability and high 89dB efficiency satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s home theater systems. The new floor-standing CS3.7 may be THIEL's finest loudspeaker ever. The system will also included two SS2 SmartSubs. More information about the CS3.7 HERE, and More about the SCS4 HERE.

Three other manufacturer's exhibits also used the new CS3.7s as their system's loudspeakers: Ayre Acoustics; Sim Audio; and Jatton, rivaling THIEL's exhibit for outstanding sound performance.

the venetian in Las Vegas, NV USA

As a winner of CES's Innovations Design & Engineering Award, Jim Thiel spoke about his newest project on the Innovations Stage.


jim thiel and 3.7

THIEL was part of the new High Performance Audio and Home Theater venue at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.


thiels CES2007 demo room

THIEL's demo system featured the new CS3.7 as the front main speakers and the upcoming SCS4 for center-channel and rears in a multichannel music and video system. Exhibit partners Bryston and Synergistic Research provided the electronics and cabling.

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