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"THIEL's PowerPoint 1.2 delivers truly elevated performance...I recommend them enthusiastically"

"A no-brainer if you demand serious performance from a ceiling-mounted speaker...not far from astonishing."

thiel powerpoint 1.2 installed

"This astonishing system delivers true high-end sound from ceiling-mounted speakers for demanding listeners..."

"Although 'audiophile' ceiling speaker' might seem like an oxymoron...
thiel powerpoint close up of productthat hasn't stopped many companies from releasing new models, all claiming high performance," says Sound & Vision's Daniel Kumin in a review of the PowerPoint 1.2 from the magazine's December 2006 issue. "I'd never heard a good one until now...with the results not far from astonishing." "This was one of those [listening] sessions where I turn things on for the first time and inwardly go, 'Whoa!' , " says Daniel after installing the PowerPoints. "Running the THIEL's in full-range stereo, the sound I first heard was so unexpectedly full, and seemed originate so far below the physical ceiling, that I actually checked to make sure my regular stand-mounted 2-ways were not still somehow connected." "THIEL's PowerPoint delivers truly elevated performance (ouch!)," says Daniel in his "Bottom Line" comments. "Where serious audio reproduction is desired and ceiling speakers are the only acceptable option, demanding listeners will find these an impressive and highly livable solution. Under these conditions, I recommend them enthusiastically." Read the full review HERE.

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