Soundstage Logo "Awesome...It is the perfect word to describe the CS7.2's sound" says SoundStage in new review

Kathy Gornik and Jim Thiel

THIEL co-founders and owners Jim Thiel and Kathy Gornik received SoundStage's "Hall of Fame Award" for the CS7.2 at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show

"The CS7.2 named as a 2006 SoundStage "Hall of Fame" award winner, "the pinnacle of THIEL's 30-year history."

"Let's pretend that "awesome" really means, well, "awesome," says SoundStage editor, Marc Mickelson. "It is the perfect word to describe the CS7.2's sound, which is really the result of Jim Thiel's goals for his drivers, crossovers and cabinets: extreme fidelity.."

THIEL CS7.2"Bass notes are carved out with exceptional clarity, even at the speaker's very depths," continues Marc. "Claims of 20Hz bass are common today, but if the CS7.2's 25Hz low-end specification is correct, many speaker companies are exaggerating. From my experience, you have to pay several times the CS7.2's price to rival its deep, linear bass...Tremendous low frequency power and extension, but also...exacting finesse and bloom..."

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"[the CS7.2] remains the pinnacle of Thiel's
30-year history... I'd put it up against anyone's
$90,000 contender."

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