SS2 SmartSub named "Subwoofer of the Year" by The Perfect Vision  

A 2005 "Product of the Year" that is "Absolutely fearless in the face of extremes."

"Jim Thiel took over five years to develop the SS2 subwoofer, and the results are every bit as revolutionary as the gestation period would suggest," says The Perfect Vision in their selection of the SS2 SmartSub as their 2005 "Subwoofer of the Year."

"Absolutely fearless in the face of extremes, the SS2's unbridled dynamic headroom allows it to toss off mammoth sonic booms without a trace of constraint or compression," says TPV. "Yet the THIEL combines that ferocious power with uncommon finese. Its superior dynamic, transient, and pitch resolution enable the SS2 to carry far more than ther usual quotient of a film's--or music's-- dramatic impact."Read the full TPV SS2 review HERE.

smart sub award

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