Making Magic

Robb Report's Home Entertainment takes a tour of THIEL's factory where "magic is made on a daily basis."

How THIEL creates "some of the world's most supernatural sounding speakers"
THIEL's Lexington, KY headquaters "houses a dedicated team of craftsmen who turn magnets, lacquer, slivers of wood, and endless strands of electrical wiring into some of the most revered loudspeakers in the audio/video world," writes Home Entertainment's Scott Wasser in his April 2007 article about THIEL's design and manufacturing.

"[THIEL Speakers] are the result of sweat, artistry, engineering, cleverness, and unwavering dedication to a common goal."

"If there is any sorcery happening here, it is conjured up by a soft-spoken engineer (Jim Thiel) who has been driven for decades to by a burning desire to produce the most supernatural speakers on the planet," writes Scott. Then it's implemented by "a crew of around 30 full-time employees... Whether they are artisans or business professionals, each and every one seems to share a common dedication to producing some of the world's best looking and best-sounding speakers."

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Collage Photo of THIEL Manufacturing


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