"The Great Audio Experience" promotes the virtues of high quality audio components and formats

The CEA sponsored effort wants consumers to experience the impact and excitement of high quality sound through live demonstrations at local retailers.

Whether you're listening to music or enjoying your home theater system, a Great Audio Experience begins with quality audio formats and equipment. There is an audio system for every budget and every lifestyle, and the right one for you is the one that affects you emotionally.

To truly understand the impact of quality audio, you need to experience it for yourself! With a live demonstration, trained retailers can help you learn more about how to evaluate and purchase audio equipment that meets your needs. The Consumer Electronics Association has set up a web site to help consumers learn more about the importance of high performance audio equipment and recording formats, as well as guidance in chosing a system and experiencing it live. For more, go HERE.


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A CEA survey earlier this year indicated that clarity and richness of sound were important to most audio-equipment buyers. It also betrayed some befuddlement.

"[Our] research shows that 56 percent of consumers have never even heard what they would consider to be a 'great audio experience'...so they don't know how to evaluate audio."


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