New THIEL SCS4 & CS3.7 highlight active system at CEDIA Expo

THIEL sound room at CEDIA 2006

THIEL's CEDIA exhibit room with the new CS3.7s and SCS4s, along with two SS1 subwoofers.

thiel cofounder jim thiel

THIEL co-founder and product designer, Jim Thiel, unveiled the new SCS4 THIEL's CEDIA EXPO '06 press conference.

First public demonstration of new model SCS4 LCR loudspeaker. Availabile in 2007 and priced under $1000 eachtheil scs4 loudspeaker

THIEL showed active prototypes of the new models SCS4 and CS3.7 at this year's CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO, September 14-17. The new SCS4 LCR (left, center, right) is targeted to be priced under $1000 each, making it one the most affordable THIEL wood cabinet speakers in the last 15 years. Prototypes of the much anticipated, floor-standing CS3.7 was used along with the new SCS4 for rears and center, and two SS1 SmartSubs in this multichannel music/home theater system. All these models are part of the THIEL's complete line of loudspeakers designed as the ultimate solution for home theater and music sound systems. Final retail price and ship dates for both new models are to be announced soon.

New SCS4
The new SCS4 is a versatile, full-range, two-way bookshelf sized loudspeaker that provides outstanding front, rear, or center-channel performance in multi or two-channel systems. The SCS4's high output capability, 89 dB efficiency satisfy the demanding requirements of today's home theater systems. In addition, the SCS4's unusual coaxiall driver mounting allows great placement flexibility by ensuring perfect time performance regardless of speaker placement of listener location.

For more information about the SCS4, click HERE


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