"Sounded Terrific"
at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

THIEL Loudspeakers enjoyed a very successful demo
of the new CS3.7s at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
in the sound room of our local "elite" dealer, Denver
Audio Designs.Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound
states in his review that "the CS3.7s sounded better
than I’ve heard them before. These new Thiels had a startling clarity and transparency, and completely disappeared into the soundstage."

Click here for Harley's complete review of the CS3.7s
at Rocky Mountain Audiofest.

Bryston's James Tanner, THIEL Sales Director Ken Dawkins, Denver Audio's JJ Fukunaga, and Sim Audio's Costa Koulisakis in the Denver Audio Sound Room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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