High performance from a small, floor-standing loudspeaker
The CS1.6 is a two-way, floor-standing speaker system that incorporates THIEL's latest innovative driver technology, rugged cabinet construction, and phase/time correct Coherent Source® design. All-metal diaphragm, low-distortion drivers are used for outstanding tonal response and the advanced phase correct crossover design greatly improves spatial fidelity and clarity.

Cabinet construction
The compact cabinet is built with a 2-inch thick front baffle and 1-inch thick cabinet walls for extreme rigidity to reduce unwanted vibration, improving clarity and spatial performance. The baffle's rounded edges reduce diffraction effects for improved tonal, spatial, and transient performance, and its sloped front correctly time aligns the tweeter with the woofer. The unique slotted bass reflex system reduces unwanted port noise and grille loading effects.

Finished in the world'sfinest woods
The CS1.6 is available in a wide variety of exquisite, real-wood, laminate, and painted cabinet finishes, finely crafted to enhance any home environment.

High output, high efficiency tweeter
The CS1.6 tweeter is a high output, high efficiency aluminum dome unit with long excursion abilities that reduce distortion and increase output capability. The new high frequency driver uses a short coil/long gap motor system design for low distortion, a copper sleeve to stabilize the strength of the magnetic field for reduced distortion, and practically unbreakable lead wires for increased reliability-features all shared with THIEL's more expensive models' tweeters.

Metal diaphragm, low distortion woofer
The CS1.6's 6.5-inch woofer uses a much larger than normal diameter voice coil to greatly extend the woofer's bandwidth for improved upper midrange performance. The large diameter coil distributes its driving force over a large area of the cone rather than concentrating it at the center. This coil design coupled with the woofer's metal diaphragm increases the cone's stiffness and frequency of unwanted resonances for very clear and open reproduction. The short coil/long gap, copper-stabilized motor system dramatically reduces distortion. Equally innovative is the woofer's centrally located neodymium magnet that is placed inside the coil, rather than outside, creating an inherently shielded speaker to prevent picture distortion when placed near video displays.

The CS1.6's Innovative
Woofer/Voice Coil Design


CS1.6 Specifications:
Bandwidth (-3dB): 48 Hz-20 kHz; Amplitude Response: 50 Hz-20 kHz +/-2 dB;
Phase Response: Minimum ±10 degrees; Sensitivity: 90 [email protected] V-1m; Impedance: 4 ohms (3.0 ohms minimum);
Recommended Power: 50-300 watts; Size: 9" W x 11.5" D x 35.5" H; Weight: 38 pounds

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