HOW IT WORKS: The CS1.6's Innovative Woofer/Voice Coil Design


Achieving excellent upper midrange performance presents one of the greatest challenges in a two-way speaker configuration. One the most innovative solutions to improving upper midrange response is the design of the CS1.6's woofer diaphragm and voice coil. The 6.5-inch woofer's design employs an unusually large, 3-inch diameter voice coil to drive its aluminum diaphragm. The large diameter places the coil much nearer the edge of the diaphragm and distributes the force over a three-fold greater area of the cone compared with a small coil which concentrates the force at the diaphragm's center. The result is a much stiffer diaphragm that moves unwanted resonances to a much higher frequency for improved upper midrange performance.


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