Passive Subwoofer Crossovers

THIEL Passive Subwoofer Crossovers are available for using the THIEL subwoofers with the THIEL models: CS7.2, CS6/CS3.6, CS2.4/CS2.3, CS1.6, PCS, MCS1, and PowerPoint / PowerPlane/HigherPlane/ViewPoint.

If you own a THIEL loudspeaker model that plays sufficiently loud but you desire more extended, deep bass response, THIEL subwoofers can be used with a THIEL Passive Subwoofer Crossover. Passive Subwoofer Crossovers are currently available for using the THIEL SW1 subwoofer with the following eleven THIEL models: CS7.2, CS6/CS3.6, CS2.4/CS2.3, CS1.6, PCS, MCS1, and PowerPoint / PowerPlane/HigherPlane.

THIEL's Passive Subwoofer Crossovers are dedicated units specifically designed to augment their main THIEL speaker models' low frequency output when used with THIEL subwoofers for seamless integration and perfectly balanced output. Currently, three of the passive crossovers serve multiple models.

Two versions are available--the 2-channel PX02 and the 5.1-channel PX05. The PXO5 is designed to allow a THIEL subwoofer to extend the bass response of each of the above THIEL speakers in a 5-channel system uniformly to subsonic frequencies and is custom made to match different models for front, rear and center channel speakers. The units receives speaker level inputs and derives a subwoofer signal that allows the subwoofer to perfectly blend its output with that of all high frequency channels. The subwoofer can also be simultaneously used to reproduce the LFE channel.

The Passive Subwoofer Crossovers seamlessly integrate selected THIEL models with THIEL subwoofers, allowing the subwoofers to augment the bass of the main speakers while still reproducing the LFE channel, if appropriate. With the passive crossovers, customers can enjoy the very realistic and dynamic bass of THIEL subwoofers, and its two patent-pending SmartSub (R) sonic features--SmartRoom Filter for eliminating room boundary problems and SmartPower Design to correct for voice coil compression distortion.

Extends bass to 16 Hz with selected THIEL models
Each of these Passive Subwoofer Crossovers are specifically designed to create a seamless match with its main THIEL speaker model's normal bass roll-off, extending the entire system's low frequency response to below 20 Hz. A limitation is that these crossovers do not redirect bass energy away from the main speakers and so the main speakers will not play any louder than they otherwise would. Another limitation is that the bass extension and level of the subwoofer are not adjustable. While the passive crossovers provide correct balance and greatest extension and depth, they do not permit the bass level to be "goosed up". An additional point to keep in mind is that, since the subwoofer signal is derived from the main amplifier, if the main amp is overdriven, a distorted signal will be supplied to the subwoofer. THIEL subwoofer users that desire more overall system output levels and greater flexibility (or own a main speaker brand other than THIEL) should use THIEL's Integrator.

Installation of a THIEL Passive Subwoofer Crossover is simple. Low-cost speaker wire can be connected from the amplifier, or from the main speaker input terminals, to the crossover's input terminals. A balanced XLR interconnect cable is connected from the passive's output to the subwoofer's main input and you are ready to go. (Stereo THIEL subwoofer set-ups require using pairs of passive crossovers.) You can view a PDF version of the owner's manual HERE.

The Passive Subwoofer Crossover cabinet is 9 inches deep, 5.25 inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall.

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