How It Works

SmartMatch Techology
The innovative SmartSub Integrator provides unprecedented ability to perfectly match THIEL SmartSub subwoofers to any speaker, regardless of brand or type, for seamless, coherent sound. Other subwoofers require that you endlessly experiment with settings for crossover frequency, level, and phase with no intelligible way of determining optimal settings and often concluding in unsatisfactory results. THIEL's SmartSub technology takes the guesswork out of subwoofer adjustments by automatically calculating the ideal subwoofer response from information you enter about your main speakers. The result is perfectly balanced sonic performance equivalent to a full-range speaker with extremely high output capability and very deep bass.

SmartRoom Filter
Like any speaker, a subwoofer placed near room walls or in a corner will produce uneven response, with some frequencies being overemphasized and others reduced. Through special circuitry in its amplifier, THIEL SmartSubs can be easily adjusted to completely and accurately eliminate wall interaction problems for any placement--without microphones, equalizers, or complicated measurements. The result is the elimination of room boundary problems for outstandingly balanced and smooth bass reproduction.

SmartPower Design
The large amount of power used in small, high output subwoofers can produce substantial heating of the drivers' voice coils which, if uncorrected, lowers output and alters tonal balance. The THIEL SmartSub amplifiers' unique electronic circuitry corrects for compression distortion by measuring voice coil temperature, then automatically compensates for reduced sensitivity and response changes, resulting in more dynamic and tonal low frequency reproduction.

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SmartSub Amplifier
SS2.2 SmartSub

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