The SCS4 Rocks the
Rolling Stone Magazine
2009 Rock & Roll Gift Guide

How cool is this? After spending months with a pair of SCS4s (that remain in constant use there even today), Rolling Stone Magazine has included the THIEL SCS4 in their 2009 Great Rock & Roll Gift Guide! Of course we are honored that the world’s most recognized music magazine called the SCS4 “exceptionally powerful and detailed” as well as “an excellent investment.”

Need Further Proof?
Singer/Songwriter/Producer Thomas Dolby might have been "blinded by science", but he was completely blown away by the THIEL SCS4. Dolby says,

"I've owned and loved a trusty pair of Thiel CS1.2s for nearly 30 years. When I needed to install a pair of compact speakers in my new studio--in the wheelhouse of a renewable energy-powered converted 1930s lifeboat on the North Sea in England--I was delighted to discover Thiel had come out with the SCS4. This is a fabulous near-field studio monitor! Their clarity, sound field and lack of coloration make them ideal for music creation, and I'm currently making my next album on them. I spend 8-10 hours per day with the new Thiels, and I can happily say they're my favorite speakers, ever."


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Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback Online Didn't Like 'Em ... At First
But after advice from THIEL's trusty PR man, Micah Sheveloff, Dean impatiently waited through the break-in period to discover that the SCS4s are "definitely worth the wait."

Johnathan Blum,, January, 2009
“Bottom line: Jim Thiel has made a lot of box for the money. And if you are looking for ways to drown your sorrows these dark days, he has given you another option besides scotch.”

Steven Kim, Engadget HD, January 2009
“ ... the imaging performance of the SCS4s was every bit as good as we'd expect from THIEL. But really, it was the sonic coherence that really blew us away.”

Robert Archer,, February, 2009
“The SCS4 sounds a lot bigger than what you would expect from a bookshelf.” Enjoys the THIEL SCS4 and SS1
Read their review online here or download a pdf.

THIEL SCS4s Receive an Overall 96 Excellent
by Home Theater Magazine

Steve Guttenberg thinks Jim Thiel "must be a magician. At least that's what I thought when I first heard his newest speaker, the SCS4." Click here to download a pdf of the complete Guttenberg review.

John Potis from
All of us at THIEL are saddened by John's passing. John was a good friend to THIEL for many years, and a trusted reviewer in the industry. We extend our deepest sympathy to John's family and cherish this last THIEL review by John, published on John was impressed with the SCS4 and claimed the SCS4 " ... is not only a class leader but one fantastic value — possibly Thiel's best value ever." Click here to read the full review on

SoundStage says the SCS4 is a "Solid Value"
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Crutchfield Reviewer "Bowled Over" by the THIEL SCS4s ...
Click here to read this review online.

Ken Dawkins of Thiel at Rocky Mountain Audio

The 5.1 THIEL system reviewed by Steve Guttenberg in the April issue of Home Theater Magazine garnered an impressive 96 Overall rating.

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