The second generation
1.2's cast aluminum cabinet significantly improves both clarity and dynamics.

"The single most extraordinary--the best--home theater product I have encountered...I have never encountered a product that so completely met a need as the PowerPoints meet the needs of high performance home-theater."

--Tom Miiller's review of the original Powerpoint, The Perfect Vision, Issue 33, November/December 2000.

The extraordinary surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2 (R) brings a new level of performance to a speaker category that usually compromises sonic performance for usability. Its Coherent Source (R) time and phase correct design and innovative shape delivers high performance sound when space or conventional placement is a problem.

The second generation 1.2 is built with a cast aluminum cabinet to offer significant sonic improvements in both clarity and dynamics. The new surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2 has also been reshaped with a new, sleek, rounded look.

Conventional in-wall and surface mount speakers' coverage area leave some users outside the optimum listening area. The surface mount PowerPoint 1.2 is designed to cover a very wide area, maximizing performance throughout the room and for a variety of listening positions. This advantage allows the user greater control over the sound coverage in their room enabling them to create the sound environment of their choice.

The PowerPoint's unique wedge shape offers particularly great advantages for ceiling applications. They can be used as front, center, or rear-channel speakers in home video and music systems. They can also be used alone or in pairs throughout the home in bedrooms, kitchens, and offices for outstanding sound everywhere

The PowerPoint's monopole design also create a more realistic sound field for the listener by accurately reproducing the spatial information on the soundtrack, rather than the diffuse, inaccurate reproduction of bipole designs.

- Extraordinarily uniform, full-room coverage due to unique, angled, close-boundary cabinet design and coaxial driver mounting.

- Extraordinary imaging, space and depth reproduction due to greatly diminished boundary reflections in combination with THIELÕs trademark phase and time coherence. Provides great realism for both music and movies

- Extraordinary clarity and detail provided by innovative, low distortion, state-of-the-art drivers and very high quality electrical components. Uses the same tweeter as our flagship model CS7.2.

- Extraordinary dynamics achieved by state-of-the-art drivers, high (89dB/2.8v-m) sensitivity, and extremely rigid cast aluminum cabinet.

- Extraordinarily faithful tonal balance achieved through advanced driver and crossover design. The 2-way driver system employs very low distortion, short coil, long-gap motor systems, very rigid aluminum diaphrams, and powerful magnets for superior reproduction.

"THIEL has created the first on-wall speaker that produces real stereo sound, with all the depth, imaging, and real soundstaging that stereo can produce...real high-end sound from an on-wall speaker."

--Brent Butterworth's review of the original Powerpoint, Home Theater, May 2000

"A real breakthrough product...the ideal surround monitoring solution."--Tom Jung, Pro Audio Review, May 2003

The Innovative THIEL PowerPoint 1.2 Surface-Mount Loudspeaker:

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PowerPoint 1.2 Specifications:
Frequency response ±3 dB from 75 Hz to 20 kHz; Sensitivity of 89 dB @ 2.8 V-1m; Phase response within ±10 of minimum, and a 4 ohm nominal impedance. The PowerPoint 1.2 cabinet dimensions are 21" long, 6.5" high, and 12" wide.

THIEL's former flagship
The PowerPoint uses newly designed, very low distortion, short coil/long gap, high output, metal diaphragm 6.5-inch woofers that are coaxially mounted with a new 1-inch, high output, low distortion metal dome tweeter, the same tweeter used in the $16,000 CS7.2. The coaxial driver mounting delivers more realistic sound because the sounds from the individual drivers reach your ear at the same time, regardless of speaker placement or listening position. As with all THIEL loudspeakers, the new models utilize a synthesized first-order crossover system to eliminate phase distortion.


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