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New Product Press Release

Announcing THIEL's New PCS Personal
High Performance Loudspeaker

CES Innovations 2000 Design and Engineering Award Winner! (read more about Innovations)

U.S. loudspeaker manufacturer, THIEL Audio, announces their newest Coherent Source loudspeaker, the model PCS, a small-sized, high performance loudspeaker designed for your personal space. The PCS is a three-way system--unusual for such a small enclosure--that incorporates THIEL's latest driver technology, rugged cabinet construction, and phase/time correct Coherent Source design. The PCS's suggested retail price is $3000 per pair.

High performance sound for your personal space
"The new PCS is a compact and attractive speaker that delivers the ultimate in musical performance for your personal lifestyle needs," says THIEL president, Kathy Gornik. "Music lovers can now indulge their passion for great sound in their choice of personal spaces whether for a main music system in the living room, as speakers for their multi-channel movie experience in the family room, or as the ultimate music speaker in the intimacy of their office, den, or bedroom."

New coaxially mounted drivers
The new PCSís most innovative design feature is a coaxial tweeter/midrange driver where the two drivers' diaphragms share the same voice coil. This innovation utilizes a mechanical crossover between the midrange and tweeter diaphragms that allows the elimination of the usual electrical crossover network. "The coaxial driver mounting results in perfect time coherence regardless of listener position, improving imaging and transient fidelity," says designer Jim Thiel. "The design of the mechanical crossover contributes to the speakerís improved phase coherence and uniform frequency response." The PCS drivers, all built and designed by THIEL, feature aluminum diaphragms and very low distortion short coil/long gap, copper stabilized motor systems. The 6-inch, long excursion woofer delivers excellent bass output and dynamics from a small enclosure down to 55 Hz.

Time and phase coherent design
As with all THIEL loudspeakers, the PCS utilizes a synthesized first-order crossover system to eliminate phase distortion, a sloping front baffle to provide time coherence, and very high quality materials and electrical components to reduce distortion and improve clarity.

Rugged cabinet is available in a wide variety of real wood finishes
The compact, ported cabinet is built with a 2-inch thick front baffle, 1-inch thick cabinet walls, and is internally braced for extreme rigidity to reduce unwanted vibration, improving clarity and spatial performance. The rounded baffleís shape reduces diffraction effects, also improving transient and spatial performance. The PCS is available in a wide variety of finishes, including custom work, to enhance any home environment.

Specifications include a frequency response of ±2 dB from 57 Hz to 18 kHz (55 Hz to 23 kHz, -3 dB bandwidth), a sensitivity of 87 dB @ 2.8 V-1m, phase response within ±10 of minimum, and a 4 ohm nominal impedance. The cabinet's dimensions are 7.25 inches wide, 11.5 inches deep, and 19 inches tall. The PCS weighs 30 pounds per speaker.

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