Introducing the

THIEL is very proud to present this new speaker collection based on the work and design philosophy of James Edward Thiel.

Named in Jim's honor, the J.E.T. collection encompasses the same musical values and goals through simple, elegant design techniques and technological approaches that result in sleek, compact products designed to delight the eye, the ear and budget.

As a company which is both honored and committed to continuing Jim’s legacy of musical truth through technical accuracy, we hope you enjoy our efforts and all that it has to offer for your listening pleasure. With the J.E.T. collection, we proudly carry Jim's vision forward by bringing his sophisticated design and engineering principles to their essential and most basic expression in sleek, elegant designs. It is our sincerest hope you agree.

the SCS4T the SCS4  
THIEL SCS4T Floor Standing Loudspeaker THIEL SCS4 Bookshelf Loudspeaker  

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