Crossovers Engineered for Excellence
The SCS4T and SCS4 deliver complete phase coherence for exceptional clarity, transparency, and three-dimensional imaging.

Like the crossovers in much more expensive THIEL speakers, the crossover for the SCS4T and SCS4 is a true first order acoustic type that provides the utmost in spatial and depth imaging performance as well as overall realism. This is the only type of crossover that provides complete accuracy of amplitude, phase, time, and energy, and therefore the only type that does not distort the musical waveform. Proper application of this gradual-transition type of crossover requires the use of more expensive drivers with wider frequency ranges than are required for use with common quick-transition crossovers but the benefits also include improved uniformity of the speaker's output in all directions.

The SCS4T and SCS4 crossovers are meticulously engineered to achieve extreme tonal neutrality and are constructed with extensive use of polypropylene and custom polystyrene capacitors.

scs4 crossover

Why phase coherence?
Loudspeaker crossover networks are needed to direct the incoming signal to the appropriate driver---woofer, midrange, or tweeter. To preserve the critical phase relationships of the sound recording's harmonics, all the drivers' diaphragms must move in and out in step with each other and the speaker's input signal. THIEL's phase-correct electrical crossover networks represent state-of-the-art engineering that greatly contributes to the exceptional sound reproduction provided by our entire line of award-winning loudspeakers.

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