Robustly constructed cabinets

Aluminum baffle, doubly-laminated 1-inch cabinet walls, and thick bracing create an extremely rigid cabinet to eliminate unwanted resonances

The cabinet plays an enormously important role in the quality of music reproduction and so the engineering of the J.E.T. collection speaker cabinets incorporate several innovations that contribute to the speaker’s stunning clarity, its utter tonal neutrality and its exceptionally realistic imaging. The SCS4 and SCS4T cabinet design uses a die-cast aluminum baffle for much greater rigidity in driver mounting and elimination of cabinet resonances. Combined with doubly-laminated 1-inch cabinet walls, unified and reinforced with thick bracing, this robust cabinet construction, usually only found on much more expensive speakers, greatly improves detail, clarity, and spatial information.

The SCS4 and SCS4T are available in real wood Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry and Black Ash finishes.

the SCS4T the SCS4  
THIEL SCS4T Floor Standing Loudspeaker THIEL SCS4 Bookshelf Loudspeaker  


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