CS3.7 cabinet walls

The speaker cabinet’s most important function is to completely contain the energy generated by the drivers to the inside of the cabinet. If even a miniscule amount of this internal energy escapes through vibration of the cabinet walls, distorted sound will be generated that will obscure the music’s delicate details. Cabinet wall motions of even one ten-thousanths of an inch or less will produce audible distortion, and so it is very important that all cabinet walls are as strong and rigid as possible. In this regard the CS3.7 performs extraordinarily well, with all the cabinet elements innovatively engineered to provide exceptional rigidity.

The construction of the cabinet sides also plays its part in the CS3.7’s rigid, low vibration cabinet. The sides are made of 15 layers of hardwood laminated together into a curved shape under high pressure. This results in a much stronger panel than usual, with the curves adding greatly to its rigidity. The rounding at the front of the speaker also reduces unwanted diffraction and the gentle rounding along the cabinet sides also creates non-parallel walls to minimize internal resonances.

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