THIEL Outriggers

2.4 Outrigger

THIEL outriggers are used instead of normally mounted stabilizer feet to provide greater stability which, in turn, contributes to greater clarity. They are attached to the bottom of the speaker cabinets with four mounting bolts screwed into the four threaded inserts normally used for the stabilizer feet. The 4 stabilizer feet shipped with the speaker are then used as the feet of the outriggers. THIEL Outriggers are available for the CS1.6, 2.4, and 3.7 model loudspeakers and are sold in sets of 2.

CS1.6 and CS2.4 outriggers are available in an attractive natural brushed aluminum finish with gold-tone hardware that matches the stabilizer pins provided with the speakers. CS1.6 and CS2.4 outriggers are machined from 1/2 inch thick aluminum.

3.7 Outrigger

CS3.7 outriggers are anodized black aluminum and are 15 mm thick. They come with hardware to match the polished spikes provided with the speakers.

For installation instructions for THIEL Outriggers, click any of the links below:

CS3.7 Outriggers Installation
CS2.4 Outriggers Installation
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THIEL 3.7 with Outriggers
THIEL 2.4 with Outriggers
3.7 with Outriggers
2.4 with Outriggers
THIEL 1.6 with Outriggers
1.6 with Outriggers

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