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"Green" is in! Everywhere you look you see companies that are "going Green".

Here at THIEL, we were "Green" long before it was the "in thing to do". We are, and always have been, aware of the impact that our industry and others can have on the environment if not managed correctly. That's why we are committed to operating in an environmentally sound and responsible manner, and why we support the Hardwood Forestry Fund with annual contributions.

The Hardwood Forestry Fund is a non-profit educational foundation supported by environmentally concerned companies like THIEL, other foundations, and individuals. The Fund provides grants to reforestation projects to replace trees used by industry and consumers. All projects supported by the Fund must have a sustainable forest management plan. The Fund pairs volunteers with natural resource professionals to keep overhead costs at a minimum, allowing for $.80 of every $1.00 contributed is used for the projects, and to ensure the health and sustainability of the reforested area.

To find out more about the Hardwood Forestry Fund, go to www.hardwoodforestryfund.org.

Download a brochure (464kb pdf)