THIEL Awards

22 CES Innovations Design
     & Engineering Awards

 6 Audio/Video International Grand Prix
   "Product of the Year" Awards

 6 The Absolute Sound or Perfect Vision"
    Editors' Choice" Awards

 4 SoundStage!
     "Reviewers' Choice" Awards

 4 Stereophile "Speaker of the Year" &
     "Runner-up" Awards

 3 StereoSound
     "Components of the Year" Award

 5 Electronic House
     "Product of the Year" Awards

     Hall of Fame

     IMAGE Hi-Fi
     "Speaker of the Millenium" Award

First Place/Highest Overall Score in Inside Track's 1995 Supplier Loyalty Test for speaker companies

The Lane Report "Small Business of the Year" for 1995

Company President Kathy Gornik named regional "Entrepreneur of the Year" for 1993


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