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THIEL Loudspeakers Unveils
Restoration Services for Classic Models
THIEL Model 03

March 1st, 2008 (Lexington, KY) — U.S. loudspeaker company THIEL Audio (www.thielaudio.com), has announced the unveiling of a new service for consumers—THIEL Restoration Services for classic THIEL loudspeaker models. Delivering a menu of repair options ranging from “Check Up” to “Extreme Master Makeover,” THIEL Restoration has the capacity to return almost any THIEL speaker to like-new condition.

"When we founded THIEL loudspeakers over 30 years ago, our goal was to create a lasting legacy of musical enjoyment and sonic integrity for our customers to enjoy for generations,” explained THIEL president Kathy Gornik. “We are so confident that the design and build quality of our THIEL classics still provide as enjoyable an experience today as they did when they were new, that we are offering proud THIEL owners the ability to restore their classic loudspeakers for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones,” stated Gornik.

The Process: All classic THIEL speakers are first evaluated for sonic and cosmetic condition. Next, their performance is measured and compared to THIEL’s original design prototype (for all but the oldest THIEL speakers) using a computerized model of the performance characteristics. Utilizing THIEL’s quasi-anechoic chamber, each loudspeaker is then checked for frequency response, sensitivity, and phase response. Finally, listening tests are performed using various reference recordings, and any and all abnormalities are noted. This is the same process that every new THIEL goes through at final assembly. At this point, the consumer is issued an estimate by e-mail or telephone.

THIEL’s Restoration Services are in the capable hands of Chief Technician Rob Gillum, who has been performing surgery on THIEL speakers for over 20 years. “Our mission is to provide fast and comprehensive service to all THIEL owners,” said Gillum. “Our restoration projects must meet the same quality standards that have become legendary here at THIEL,” he added. 

Learn more about THIEL Restoration at www.thielaudio.com.

THIEL Audio Products Company is a privately-held engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality home music and video sound reproduction. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design, acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design. All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible. THIEL manufactures fourteen individual products; the surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2; in-wall PowerPlane1.2; in-ceiling HigherPlane1.2; flat-panel video display speaker ViewPoint; SS1, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers, the SmartSub™ Integrator; bookshelf-sized SCS4 and MCS1; and the floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.7, all ranging in price from $990 to $9,900 ea.

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